[Sturmtiger] Possible 3rd German Tank Destroyer Line?

Around 5 months ago WG Console department released the Sturmtiger which is obtainable by researching it through the brand new tanks from tier5.

Since WG PC rebalanced the HE shells, this tank wouldn’t be as effective as everyone thought around 2014.
The main reason behind not adding the tank to WoT PC was that “it could’ve one shot everything”

As mentioned before, with the new HE mechanics it would deal around ~500dmg or even less with non-penetrating hits. That’s far from broken/OP.

115mm HE pen in most of the situations wouldn’t be enough to go through any of the Tier X tanks.

Balancing-wise it’s a pretty interesting concept because it has a low velocity rocket launcher which can be useless if WG gives it trash stats.
But as it shows in the previous screenshot Console WoT’s team nailed the stats of it. The gun has very slow aiming time but it can hit hard when fully aimed.

Because of the huge caliber the Sturmtiger has (380mm) it could overmatch everything with less than 126mm armor, if it would have AP shells… Console WoT solved this “issue” by giving it 280mm pen HEAT rounds…

Armor-wise it’s historically incorrect because instead of the 150mm frontal armor it has 190mm. With this addition it can bounce some badly aimed shots which can boost its survivability.

It’s nothing new that WG PC implemented something from other platforms (M-V-Y line from Blitz) so it has some chance as well.


20 thoughts on “[Sturmtiger] Possible 3rd German Tank Destroyer Line?

  1. It’s nothing new that WG PC implemented something from other platforms (M-V-Y line from Blitz) so it has some chance as well.

    Even if there were a chance, then what? Tanks that rely on big caliber HE have been kicked out of the game when WG decided to favor the Chieftain, Concept 1B and Kranvagn players over everyone else. The Sturmtiger line could’ve been an interesting if toxic thing in place of the Chinese TD line (which no one cares about and is another line ruined by the HE nerfs, at least for the high tiers), now it only belongs in those WG games that still retain the old HE mechanics, so not on PC.

    1. Oh no I can’t use HE to deal ez damage anymore. So sad. I want old HE back so I can do damage without thinking. Screw having to think and outplay. Now my WR drop to 42% from 45 🙁 Boo wg

      1. “Screw having to think and outplay”.

        Not that i myself were happy about derp guns either,but how exactly do you “think and outplay” your opponents in a hull down Chieftain-Kran?…….

        1. Lets be honest here, nerfing HE and arty had nothing to do with game balance,it was done just to push the impenetrable-gold slinging-hull down – mobile heavy tanks, a major poorly thought out credit sink.
          Game became 100% worse.
          There were so many better alternatives for rebalancing derp guns, but ofc WG chose the worst ones, while at the same time benefiting by shifting gameplay to a hull down stalemate,where everything without a impenetrable turret without weakpoints,is a no-no.

    1. I sold all my HE dependant tanks.
      As doing 5 shots of zero damage against 5mm armor is ridiculous.
      But that’s what heavy tank players demanded. So…..

      1. Im a Type 5 Derp player. I didn’t demand for this. I feel deeply insulted. Apologise for generalising.

    1. Thing to consider is that console and blitz make much of their own content now vs before when they just did copy paste the dev server. And anything they make usually has an exusivity deal. It’s why we have yet to see their Dark Horse line or even the Japanese TDs.

  2. I remember reading about Storm testing them years ago, one shooted a Maus and told them to pack it down. That was the last we heard of it on testing it for PC. Tho on the event they actually had missiles vs shells. And tbh considering how slow they were, it would be far from OP today indeed if it went under HE mechanics.

  3. Large calibre HE guns at low tiers are just doubleplus unfun to play against.
    Be it KV-Dva or O-I or even KV-1(S) with the 122mm derp.

  4. It’s no news that PC has lost it big time, basing themselves on feedbacks from an elite that wants to keep their little privileges.
    HE had no reason whatsoever to be rebalanced. It may have some nuisance but don’t make me laugh the average DMG of a hit in HE is 320 every 40 sec… But cry babies in their shiny 279e or chieftain complained that they were easy targets.
    So since then WG (whose staff has no clue whatsoever of the current gameplay) spams the game with bloody high depression tanks (ranked premium tiers IX -10% depression for both!!!) And autoloaders to the point you want to puke when seeing the number of clips, auto loaders, auto reloaders and other BS tanks n battles from Tiers VIII.
    Games are turning into rapes in high tiers as where one should have expected experienced players to reach the level, WG hard press all noobs into the false safety of never being bottom tiers.
    Pc is only still alive dire to the pack of real competition, but now it’s one massive gaming turd, I have 50k games, 1600 wn8, 7800WTR and 56.3% win rate, I since the nonsense of the former 3\5\7 MM years ago the gameplay is gone, wasted,

    1. Likewise.
      I enjoyed this game with its challenging battles and frontline fun.
      Now total fail teams. Random mode? A 20 year old game with only 1 mode 🤷🏻‍♂️😂😂

  5. WoWS asia has more players than WoT asia at any given time now.
    A long list of poorly thought out game changes has turned players away.

    Even worse for WG, has turned PAYING players away.

    1. Wow that WoWs has more players than WoT.
      But then players want a good game not a 3 minute 29 second 0-15 win or loss

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