Cut Content of WoT – Part 1

Welcome to a new short series on this blog. I thought I’d showcase some of the cut content of WoT within more episodes coming in the future but for now let’s stick to this part.
So in Episode 1 I’ll show you tanks that were not included into the current game.

Tanks which appeared in the game but never got released to the public:

AMX 50B hull with TCB 120 Turret: 
Many French Heavy Tanks were introduced to the game but this one is still a mystery whenever it gets added to the game.
Last seen in the 0.7.0 Intro video. 

T58 Heavy Tank: 
It was similar to the T57 Heavy Tank but with a 155 mm gun from the T-30 with a 6 shot autoloader and with a rate of fire of 23 shots/mins, reloading included.
Wargaming wanted to integrate it as tier X TD, it was fully modeled but impossible to balance it, it was completely Broken.
The T110E4 was chosen instead.

The T-44-85 appeared on the Test Server in 2013 and fared quite poorly. The tank was too weak for tier 8 and as tier 7 it was too strong.

T-44 lightweight:
As the name suggests it was a lighter and more agile version of the T-44. It never got added to the live server.

Once a tier9 USSR TD which is nowhere to be found.

Tiger I L/56:
A Tiger with 3000 base dpm and 1700HP.

Jagdtiger (H):
A stock tier9 Jagdtiger as a Tier VIII Premium TD

T95/Chieftain and Chieftain Mk. 6:
These were meant to be Campaign Rewards. On EU Server the T95/Chieftain was last seen in 2016.

: Basically a tier10 M54Renegade with a 120mm Cannon. Last seen in 2015 Patch 0.9.10.

Tanks which never appeared in-game:

UDES 03 Alt 3:
After tested in 2019 it disappeared, no further infos about it.

WZ-120G FT:
A tier 9 Chinese TD which never got released.

Agrimotor: Found in the 8.0 Common Test files. Just a Recoilless Rifle on a traktor. Maybe intended to be an April Fools vehicle.





Panzer IVs: A “stock” Pz. 4 G || A Soviet captured Pz. 4 H || A Pz. 4 with the Panther Fs turret which is already in the game.

: Neubaufahrzeug (Nbfz) at one point was intended to be a tier 3 German premium heavy tank. The first mention of this vehicle (in the game) came in October 2013 with the 0.8.9 ASAP video, where it was “accidentally” shown as having a place in the tree.

: This chassis was designed to replace the Panzer 38(t) chassis and all subsequent vehicles derived from it. Weight: 10-20 tonnes. Very similarly to the E-25 it would be a premium german TD but 2 tiers lower in tier5.
Because of how small it is, only a 75mm PaK 39 cannon could fit into it which low penetration limits its tier.

Would be the part of the Sturmtiger line.
Playable on Console WoT as a TD.



Sturmtiger: It was a possibility for tier10 German TD/Arty. Playable on Console WoT as a TD.


T-V: A Soviet captured Panther D aka. VK 30.02 (M)
There was an old version of the tech tree, that had the PzV Panther as a Premium.


: Might be a Soviet tier5 TD. Similar to the Stug III.



IT-45: There was an old version of the tech tree, that had the IT-45 tank in it on tier 3.



: Tier 5 Soviet TD armed with the T-34s long 76mm S-54 cannon.



: There was an old version of the tech tree, that had the T-46-5 tank in it on tier 4.


: A regular BT-5 with mounts on the side of the turret to hold two 250 kg TT-250 “tank torpedo” rockets.
There was an old version of the tech tree, that had the RBT-5 as a Premium.


: There was an old version of the tech tree, that had the Zis-30 as a Premium.


: There was an old version of the tech tree, that had the T-24 as a tier4 tank.



M1921: Tier3 American medium tank. Similar to the British Medium III. Has a 6pdr gun.
There was an old version of the tech tree, that had the M1921 as a tier2 tank.


M4A2 Sherman USMC
: Similar to the M4A2E4 which was available for Beta Testers.


: An M4A3E4 hull with a Pershing turret and 90mm gun. Could be an American tier7 medium tank. Playable on WoT Console.


: There was an old version of the tech tree, that had the T24 as a tier4 TD.


: M18 Hellcat with a 105 mm T12 howitzer gun. Playable on WoT Console.
Also there was an old version of the tech tree, that had the T88 as a premium tank.


: An M3 Stuart variant. Might be a tier3 light.




Chi-Ha and Chi-Ri (captured)
: There was an old version of the tech tree, that had the these as US captured premium tanks.

Matilda I
: Mk I, Matilda I (A11) was a British infantry tank. The turret was fitted with a single heavy machine gun, either a .303 Vickers machine gun or a larger, Vickers .50 machine gun. It could be placed as a tier1 or 2 tank.


A7: A Medium III with a Cruiser turret?



Ram I
: Similar to the Ram II.



Stuart VI
: British M5A1 Stuart.



G1R and G1L
: The G1R was Renault’s proposal for the G1 project. The G1L was Lorraine’s proposal for the G1 project. Tier5 and 6 French mediums. Found as G1 in the game.

A lot of French designs.
Including the Char 2C bis which was playable during the 2017 Halloween event together with the FCM F1. 
AMX M4 (1948) – Possible tier8 premium
Others could be planned to be low tier fillers or gifts.

In conclusion, here is a list of all the possible tanks which can appear in WoT.

32 thoughts on “Cut Content of WoT – Part 1

  1. I can remember me searching in the wiki of wot (before they deleted all) and seeing some of that tanks… wondering: when they will came into the game? Glad to see them again.

  2. They would rather implement premiums or other cash sucking events than free grinding trees and others
    Honestly sometimes i ask myself how this game is still alive
    Meta has not been balanced for 3-4 years already

  3. The SU-122-54 was a fun to play tank for me. I still can’t understand why they removed it.

    1. because it didn’t match the rear ccasement style of tanks they wanted for the line. From a design point thouugh, neither does to Obj 263 with its completely different look to the rest of the line and they should have had the Obj 268 v2 as the tier 9 for the line..

      But when does WG ever do anything logical?

      1. I think Object 263 is good for tier 9 tank. Tier 10 should have had an Object 263U with a 180mm B1P cannon. Historian Yuri Pasholok is also researching blue prints at the WOT and said it would fit physically into the tank!

        1. Correct, but that’s because that’s the Obj 261-3. There were 4 tanks that were based on the Obj 260 (IS-7); Obj 261-1, -2, -3 and Obj 263.

          Obj 261-1 was redesignated as the Obj 261 and was meant to have a fully enclosed foward fighting compartment and mounting a 152mm M21 gun

          Obj 261-2 was redesignated the Obj 262 and would have the rear mounted open fighting compartment we see on the in-game Obj 261 with a 152mm M-58 gun

          The Obj 261-3 was the -2 but with the 180mm MU-1 navel gun

          Obj 263 is as we see it in game

          We could get an Obj 263U… but it would just be an up-armoured Obj 261 in-game

          1. “We could get an Obj 263U… but it would just be an up-armoured Obj 261 in-game”

            WOT long ago is not about historical fidelity! If you care that IS 7 would get historical penetration ammo values it wouldn’t match tier 10 just tier 9!

            The Object 430U has never had a 122mm M62 T2U! The object 430 had only 100 mm U8TS cannon. That’s why I say the Object 263U and 180 mm B1P would be the king of tank destroyers and a worthy opponent of the JagdE100!

            1. Not a matter of wanting historical accuracy, wasn’t my intention, just saying why put in a tank we already have when one that we dont would fit better in the line?

              I love the Obj 263, both as it is now at tier 9 and when it was tier 10. Also loved the SU-122-54. Just saying that with the closed casement style of the tanks, the Obj 268 v2 would suit better leading into the v4

              1. I would like to warn you that there are not a single 180 mm caliber cannon in the Soviet tank destroyer tech tree. I think another 152 mm caliber won’t move anyone. A 180 mm caliber or a tank destroyer such as an Object 268 V3 with a tower, or a Su SMK 180 (180 mm cannon) or a Su 203 (203 mm cannon) all bring a new gameplay element into the game. That would be the point. For example, I don’t play Object 268 V4 line because it doesn’t give anything new. I’m a very big Soviet fan!

                1. That argument is completely irrelevent to the discussion… Which was why the SU-122-54 was removed from the line; Because it doesnt fit the design of the line WG wanted, to which I said the open top of the Obj 263 doesn’t fit either.

                  What you want is a completely different branch in the tech tree, which is irrelevent to the discussion

        1. And why would the Obj 715 be any better then the 268? and what would become of the Obj 704? Good luck convinving people to nerf the 704 to tier 8

        2. 268 is a super good tank, is the best TD for TD play in tier X since Strv is more like a ultra sniper TD and lack the alfa and the rest of tanks lack the cammo

            1. So how does nerfing it to tier 9 make it any better? What does the Obj 715 offer (other then the gun technically being the predecessor to the 152mm M64 on the 268) that the 268 couldn’t get via just being buffed?

              By your own logic, theres a lot of tanks that would need to be dropped down to tier 9 because of their winrate…

              1. Just take real life for example and see for yourself what Object 704 knows and what Object 268 knows and what Object 715 knows!

                152 mm БЛ-8/10 Object 704
                APHE (БР-540)
                – 48.8 kg
                – 850 m/s
                – 0.66 kg charge (1.02 TNT eq.)
                – 247 mm pen
                APHE (БР-540Б)
                – 48.96 kg
                – 850 m/s
                – 480 g charge (739.2 TNT eq.)
                – 276 mm pen
                HE (ОФ-540)
                – 43.56 kg
                – 850 m/s
                – 5.86 kg TNT
                – 1.5-2.5 rpm

                152 mm М-64 Object 268
                APHE (БР-540Б)
                – 48.96 kg
                – 750 m/s
                – 480 g charge (739.2 TNT eq.)
                – 232 mm pen
                HEAT (БП-540)
                – 27.67 kg
                – 770 m/s
                – 3.84 kg charge (5.91 TNT eq.)
                – 250 mm pen
                HE (ОФ-540)
                – 43.56 kg
                – 750 m/s
                – 5.86 kg TNT
                – 2-3 rpm

                152 mm М-51/М-31 Object 715
                APHE (Г-550)
                – 49 kg
                – 900 m/s
                – 4.2 kg TNT
                – 256 mm pen
                APHE (БР-540Б)
                – 48.96 kg
                – 900 m/s
                – 480 g charge (739.2 TNT eq.)
                – 301 mm pen
                HE (ОФ-550)
                – 48.9 kg
                – 900 m/s
                – 7 kg TNT
                – 2-3 rpm

                You can see how non Object 268 a tank destroyer is in WOT. You can see that the other cannons are getting more powerful, it can be seen on the 268 how short the barrel is! The 268 is more of a mobile howitzer cannon than a tank destroyer!

                Tier 8 frontal armor 120 mm, Tier 9 frontal armor 187 mm, Tier 10 frontal armor 230 mm!

                The armor of the WZ-113G FT shows what a tier 10 tank destroyer should look like!

  4. I guess I’ll add more info since there are still more tanks that we’re cut from the game as well as entire tech trees that I can rememeber to my knowledge as most of the info I know was rumors and 1 off sayings.

    1: Japanese TD’s:

    I left a reply here, Leggasiini the mad lad managed to find the pictures I was talking about. How Kongzong was working on JP TD’s alongside the CH TD’s. these vehicles would eventually be released onto Blitz where they remain available to player base. Only the vehicles of Tier 5 and lower are missing.

    2: A 3rd Soviet TD Line:

    I cant remember witch Q/A it was. But I remember they hinted at a 3rd TD branch for the Soviets, they posted a Blueprint of some type of SPG. it look very similar to the SU-85B but had a different super structure and a 122mm gun. the line would’ve started from tier 3 to 10. but as for what the line provided was unknown as I remember them stating they’ll release more info soon, but they never did. I believe this info came after the tech tree rework. Iit was most likely an SU-100P/SU-152P line. the SU-130M we have in game may have been the tier 9 for this new line but was reused as a tier 8 premium. but this is my speculation.)

    3: British Armored Cars:

    In a Q/A also awhile ago in 2020 only mentioned once. The British tech tree was going to get a line of armored cars that was supposed to be released in late 2020 early 2021. but the line was cancelled due to the negativity received of the French armored cars, the line was shelved. Later on Armored Archives, the youtube channel would release 2 videos about the FV721 Fox. Because the line was shelved, Armored Archives was hoping the line would be released as it would help his channel get views. As at the time Armored Archives was working in partner ship with Wargaming to do research on British Vehicles for the tech tree in-game. (he apparently was behind the research of British LT line in-game.) this why when a new British vehicle was released like the GSOR 1008 for example, he would release a video later talking about the vehicle on his channel. based on the info he provided the entire line would’ve been derp armored cars. now I can see why the line was shelved. it’s unknown how far the idea went, if there are models of the tanks hidden away somewhere in WG headquarters is a mystery.

    4: Swiss, Hungarian, Israeli Tech Trees:

    In one of their year long dev plan videos. I believe it to be the 2018 dev plan video. Along side Italy and Poland. (these would later be revealed as the Italian MT’s and Polish HT’s.) the flags of Switzerland and Hungary were revealed alongside Italy and Poland. but no line or info was released beyond the retarded statement of, as I quote from memory. “we did research into Hungarian and Swiss tanks. There was nothing of interesting found and the tech tree we’re dropped.” I remember my reaction very well to it, but that doesn’t matter. Also apparently WG was doing some research into Israeli vehicles. the joked about it a Wargaming feast I believe it to be the 2019 one, it was the same one where the defended the idea of putting the Object 252U at tier 8. syaing you can easily kill it with the TVP VTU, one of the worst tier 8 MTs in-game. as to how far they went with each tech tree is a mystery to this day.

    that’s what I can remember for now. If I can remember more I post a follow up here.

    1. Tier 8: Su 152G, Tier 9: Su 152P, Tier 10: Su 152 Taran! This is my dream!

      And another dream Soviet line: Tier 8: ZIK 20 152 mm BR2 gun, Tier 9: Su SMK 180, Tier 10: Su 203

      1. Oh yes how could I forget about the Spainsh Tech Tree leak. Thank you for making me remember that.

        Also the line would’ve had the M47E at tier 8. The first time the M47 patton would be in-game.

        Also I vaguely remember SP15, research assistant of the Swedish tech tree said that the origanal TD branch was going to be different, this was before they we’re able to get hull aim mechanics to work in-game so no Strv 103. As to what this version would’ve looked like is mystery since SP15 moved on after a fallout with WG. (Also I am not sure if I am remembering it right, so take my words with a grain of salt.)

  5. SU-122-54 deserves to be a tier 8 premium; it’s possible to balance it.

    Jagdtiger H AFAIK was canned hard when it became apparent that Jagdtiger 8,8 armor was no longer sufficient.

    M48A2 with the T54E2 turret and T123E6 gun was canned; it became Renegade. I believe the problem was that neither the normal M48 it was based on nor it were performing well in testing, and M48A5 got its many buffs as a result.

    UDES 03 Alt 3 turret is complete garbage without the overmatch changes intended to be released alongside the Swedish vehicles. It was balanced to be more of a normal vehicle than the normal tier 9 UDES, so having no turret protection was killer.

    WZ-120G FT was released in China, I’m fairly sure.

    Agrimotor was a meme/joke put in to troll dataminers.

    Pz IV captured was canned when they wanted to stop doing Lend Lease vehicles and instead do their own vehicles Soviet premiums; this started the very long and arduous T-44-85, T-44-122, T-54 Lightweight, etc premium production, and only really ended when they gave up and dropped the pay to win T-44-100.

    The Pz IV Schmalturm is not unreleased at all. It’s a normal tier 6 premium. I have one and took it out last week. Not only is it a currently extant premium, but the whole reason it exists is because MM was +5 at one point; a tier 5 medium could absolutely have to face off against tier 10’s. When the game was to go down to +2 MM, the tier 5, 6, and 7 vehicles that had been given completely physically impossible equipment or outlandish (such as KV-2 152mm and turret at tier 5, T-43 with 100mm) had it removed and rebalanced. Pz IV was therefore to lose its long 75 and Schmalturm turret. Given global outcry, it was decided to move it to tier 6 with a brief sale period, and I believe it was either free or heavily discounted if you had a fully researched Pz IV. This was also the terms T23 was removed–that players who had played the T23 would get it as a premium when it returned–but it was only given away as a clanwars reward twice; both times under the warning that it could be sold again, and was never sold at any point.

    E-10 was prototyped but never existed as a playable vehicle, from what I understand. It was to be a Hetzer with hydro suspension; the benefit of this to the playerbase was forever MIA, thus why it was given up.

    GAZ75 was canceled in favor of SU76i. If you were around for it, you’d be familiar with the global shitstorm its release caused.

    M4-90V I believe was canned as unbalanceable, as the game director around the time of its release believed fudging the data and mounting potential or unhistorical equipment (like long 8,8 on Tiger I) to allow tanks to keep their historical character was more important than portraying strictly historical vehicles. As such, the Pershing mantlet was 200mm thick. This is why the tank was considered unbalanceable; it was either a more mobile T29 (overpowered) or dead in two hits (uptiered).

    T24 I thought existed at one point in beta; my memories are quite fuzzy since I liked the MS-1 so much I went up the Soviet lines instead, so I didn’t pay overly much attention to the American tree.

    G1R is also in the game as normal.

    1. From a gamplay point of view the SU-122-54 already was roughly reintroduced as a tier 8 premium in shape of the chinese WZ-120-1FT. Actually, with how the powercreep went since the removal of the SU-122-54 it could pretty much be reintroduced with its old stats from tier 9 (minus some hitpoints and maybe dpm) and not be OP.
      WZ-120-1FT has better armor and gundepression, making it more versatile whereas SU-122-54 would have better gun handling and dpm but bad armor, making it slightly more situational.

      But most importantly SU-122-54 is a real, serial produced vehicle and damn good looking, too.

  6. The T58 Heavy could be implemented as a sort-of fake – 3 shells in the magazine with worse gun handling and similar clip performance (reload, shell cycling) as the Foch 155. Considering WG takes so many liberties when balancing tanks, I’m a bit puzzled this was deemed “impossible to balance”, how did we get the WTF E 100 then?

    SU-122-54 could easily be a Tier 8 premium, kind of same as WZ-120 FakeTank but with better mobility and gun handling, and crap armor.

  7. Chieftain Mk. 6 was never meant to be a reward. It was meant to replace the old FV 215b but WG for the stupid reason of “The upper frontal plate is only 80mm so arta will ruin it the tank” did not go with it and instead, went with the fake super Conq.

    1. The hull is crap, though. It’s exceptionally vulnerable in WoT terms, and is only workable IRL using cautious, real life tactics with terrain and avoiding cities.

      How many heavy positions are cities in World of Tanks? Can you play a heavy tank and avoid them?

      WG has actually gone on record as saying the hull is not as good as they expected it to be. Chieftain was only ever armored when it had Chobham/NERA arrays.

  8. On the topic of the TCB 120 turret on the AMX 50:

    This was recycled into the AMX M4 51 and 54. When they built the line around heavy armor they slapped the turrets on the super-armored M4 hulls and called it a day.

  9. in an ideal world… of tanks (haha funny pun). everything that happened post update 1.0 was just an april fools.

    may be i am a nostalgic fool that misses the simpler days, when things were more about having real fun with your derpy brick shooter with a planet sized aim reticle, or running after your platoon mate with a quick tank, than being impressed by big numbers and percentages.

    i realized WoT lately has become sorta like a place i can look up concept art tanks to attempt building as figures or models (definitely much more fun and rewarding, let me tell you.), playing it is a quest for the insane… or brave. im not up for a infinite game of repetition and expectation. and hey, at least the tanks i build i OWN them, not what WG tells you on their terms of use.

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