WoT – Confrontation – Bonds Auction Results

The auction is closed and the tanks are being given away.

To obtain a CW reward tank on the EU server you should have bid:
Minimum 38.642 bonds
The maximum bid was 150.000 bonds.

7900x Chieftains were given away.

Other server stats(Lowest winning bid):
RU: 40.650 bonds
NA: 16.600 bonds
ASIA: 39.000 bonds

17 thoughts on “WoT – Confrontation – Bonds Auction Results

    1. also which poor morons gave ~39k bonds away for the 121B or M60, which you can buy in the in-game store for 15k bonds?

      1. Ain’t that the truth!

        I’m a friendly acquaintance of a NA streamer and they were delighted to get the Chieftain at a much lower bid than anticipated. And it’s not as though they were gaming the system, they were all in with what bonds they had (definitely towards the low end).

  1. saved every single bond since they started. have 36k bonds. good to see that somehow even these OP toxic tanks are now unobtainable to DECENT HARDWORKING PAYING CUSTOMERS!!!.
    Don’t even get started on 279(e).

    Too busy WORKING REAL JOB trying to make Just Over Broke, (J-O-B) to give real money to this FINE GAME, yet cant give the TIME required to get the BEST tanks IN THE GAME?.

    1. WG dont want real people like you, they need addicted players with fat wallets and at last 8h free time to play the game.

  2. I bid 82005 bonds, super excited that I got it. I bid this amount in the first day, I got another 2.3k bonds until 10th of March, but I did not want to bid these as well. Didn`t expect to go for 38.6k minimum wining bid to be honest, was expecting 75k+. But I am not sorry.

    Played some matches in random, either 1 chief like me, or none in the enemy team. Very good tank!

  3. WG are funny guys, pushing players to waste themselves in Tier 10 every way they can while making Tier 10 as unappealing as possible AT THE SAME TIME.

    Tier 6 to 8 are the sweet spot, with a few Tier 5s and Tier 9s worth a damn, the rest is junk.

    1. Rly? Tier 8 is “okay” for farming credits. The sweet spot is tier 9. Balanced tanks and nice -2/+1 Matchmaking!

  4. Chieftain should be sold for bonds in the shop
    not be allowed into random battles.
    That way everyone who wants it for CW could just buy it and not feel “cheated” out.
    And solve the damn problem with introducing a toxic tank in regular games.
    Seriously – you are expected to fight that with tier 8 crap.

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