WoWS: Changes to aircraft detection mechanics — Closed test

We’re testing a new concept for the detection of ships by aircraft.

Last time we touched on the topic of ship detection by aircraft, we shared the “Radio” concept. Today, we’re ready to share details about another new mechanic.

Please note that this test is a proof of concept. If successful, the mechanics will be polished and we will share more detailed information about how they work.

In this new concept, airplane squadrons being directly controlled by a player have a limited cone of view within which enemy ships can be spotted and info about their positions shared with the entire team. Enemy ships outside this field of view will not be visible unless their AA is firing at the squadron. This field of view can be expanded to cover the full 360 degrees around the squadron with a special consumable.

Ships’ base detectability range by air is now equal to their detectability range by sea, but all other modifiers affect it as before. However, planes can only detect ships at distances closer than 10 km.

The new mechanics will allow for increased interaction with aircraft in the game: ships will be able to make more meaningful attempts to avoid detection through active maneuvering and manually disabling AA defenses.

Please note that all information in the development blog is preliminary. Announced adjustments and features may change multiple times during testing.

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  1. Pay to win mechanic.We shall boycott Wows and all WG products as Belarus invaded Ukraine


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