Trading Caravan – No Compensation

Almost 2 weeks ago we posted an article showcasing the possibility of recovering your lost credits. Unfortunately this was no longer the case, WG started denying everyone after people took notice of this. Some readers got affected too, here are 2 examples:

since I’m a rather common player, I decided to bring your attention to the mess currently going between me and Wargaming, hoping to get some stronger voice and spotlight on the situation. Because I really think this is over the line and a fraud, masked as incompetence.
Also I’m sending you translation of the conversation to English below (from Czech) – it’s a google translator followed by some of my edits to make it useful and as close as I can, since I already lost quite some time over this.

Also – I know I’m not doing conversation perfectly, I am feeling bad about the whole situation and maybe I’m wrong in my conclusions, but I definitely feel cheated. I used the “breaking the Consumer Protection Act” stuff in hopes, that someone in WG will catch their nose and think twice over it because I truly believe they actually broke the law this time – Currently I’m thinking of really taking it to the Czech Trading Inspection Authority – just on the principle – I feel cheated and from the very last response of the CS I also feel like it turned and I’m the one doing bad stuff in this, I’m a spammer and I should just take the hit and shut up. It’s just wrong 😡
I know the problem itself is kinda small as I take the hit “just in credits” – but it’s the core of it, I think this should really not be allowed and I’m certain there are people who spend gold, sold tanks and just got really screwed with no hopes of getting a refund. That’s my primary concern and reason for showing this and asking for support.
F. H.
1st ticket 
#start of the ticket, my message
Hello, I have a serious problem here and I need help solving it. I will try not to write too long – but in short, I hate misleading and deceptive behavior, and this time I really feel cheated and I demand a refund. In the attachment I sent a screenshot of the instructions I followed – in the whole link there was no mention of a limited number of offers with the Kirovets tank and so I naturally spent a lot of credits for further “shuffling” – to my very unpleasant surprise I learned from people that the number of vehicles has been limited and the package simply will no longer tick.I have lost “only credits”, but it’s a loss of valuable time for me and I consider it a fraud and an abuse of my trust. I’m not a parasite, a scumbag or anything like that, but I’m asking for compensation for the 15 million credits I’ve spent this way – it’s more, but I’m fair and I take into account other items in the event.Precisely because these are “only credits”, I hereby request their return. Please take this incident very seriously. I do not threaten you, I only state – I have strong moral values, I also put a lot of money into the game and I can say straightforward that I have no reason to cheat, but I also do not want to be deceived – both for logical reasons your subsequent communication will affect my next steps – this is my principle, I tend to be very careful and I have no problem earning credits again and so on, but I really hate being misled in good faith, time is money for me.I am not asking for any privileges, I am asking for fair conditions and the return of the corresponding credits. An alternative allowable consideration for returning the required lost credits that will satisfy me may be a Kirovets vehicle, which would just now be in my garage for those 15 million.I would like to ask anyone who reads this in order to evaluate their answer and if needed to escalate the ticket to someone who will take responsibility for the following communication. I do not intend to cause trouble, but I do not intend to back down easily and I am ready to defend myself – something else would be my own stupidity, but something else is acting in misleading, deceptive ways.  The principle of the matter is crucial for me, I am willing to fight for it in the extreme case also through legal means.Thank you for your understanding and I wish you a pleasant rest of the day, H. F.#first response from WGHello H.F.,Thank you for contacting Wargaming Gaming Support.We are sorry for the problem. Unfortunately, we cannot refund the credits used for shuffling. We recommend that you take a look at the event page, where everything is written: you for your understanding.If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us.I wish you a beautiful day and good luck on the battlefield!Regards,
#my second message
Hello,I am aware of the description provided by you, but I definitely do not agree, it does not state everything. It states that the stock of some items is limited, which I take note of, however, this is all the information – I had no way of knowing that the Kirovets vehicle was no longer available. On the contrary, all the presentations on your website misleaded me that it was available – nothing in the game warned me otherwise and neither did it on your website.So I shuffled and the vehicle was still nowhere to be found, I also know I’m not alone. It would be different if the vehicle showed up, but it had a description that it was sold out – but it didn’t happen, either in the game or on your website. I arrived on the first day of the event, immediately after work, and I received no indication, no information that there was no stock. Your site is still promoting (not only) Kirovets to the vehicle.I do not intend to really cause any trouble – I think I am a generously paying, loyal customer who does not cheat and just wants to be treated fairly. I didn’t get that now and from my point of view I was and still am deliberately misled by the official presentation. I will not tolerate this behavior because it costs me credits that cost me valuable time and that I have earned honestly for the purposes of these offers. Again, I politely and patiently demand only fairness.I take into account that I went through many stages with your game, but I am already 10 years older. Please spare both sides the inconvenience that will arise if I am forced to defend my position – I do not really care about the conflict, but I am willing to go into it, first on the public, community and, if forced, legal level, if necessary only to get fair treatment.I am open to compromise and discussion, but I will not be stolen from by misleading marketing about the game currency without an answer. In this case, unfortunately, as a company, you have not come across the right person.Thank you for your understanding, H. F.
#my third message
I would also like to formally inform you that I have gone through the web links to the event again: and stored them offline as evidence of still misleading marketing, even 48 hours from the first article to the event, and thus you had sufficient time to react and to alert the community that the vehicle is unavailable. Any discussion made in this thread will also be considered by me as possible evidence. Thank you for your understanding, H. F.
#my fourth message
Good evening,Given that I found out from the discussions that I am definitely not alone in the situation and there are people with higher losses, I came to the conclusion that this event violated paragraphs 4 and 5 of Part Two 634/1992 Sb., ie the Consumer Protection Act.Available in full here: I am not an expert on the issue, I strongly believe that I give you an easy opportunity to easily rectify the situation and also that I am right and your offer is really unfair and misleading. I hereby inform you that I expect to be treated and given adequate compensation.Otherwise, I will report the incident to the Czech Trade Inspection Authority, consult it with professionals and experts, and I am determined to obtain fair dealing and adequate compensation. Don’t take it wrong, even though credits are a common game currency, it’s still my precious time and they are also a product of my expenditure in your title. I would not make my decision to spend credits in an event if I had complete and proper information.I am also of the opinion that it is very easy for you to rectify the situation, by correcting it I will not cause you any costs or damages, so it is purely your fairness. I am simply concerned with the principle and honesty of the offer, eg. your stance to this. Unfortunately, I cannot back down from this position, I would consciously let myself be robbed and I do not intend to accept that.Thank you for your understanding, I will be waiting for your reply.H. F.
#second response from WG
Hello, Thank you for contacting Wargaming Gaming Support again. We are sorry for the problem, however we are unable to offer you any compensation at this time. At the same time, unfortunately, we offer you no alternative in the form of global compensation. We currently have no information. We recommend that you follow our official website in case there is an update regarding this event. Thank you for your understanding. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us. I wish you a beautiful day and good luck on the battlefield! Regards,
#my fifth message
Hello, in that case, I ask you to escalate the incident to a senior in your support. For the third time, I give you a straightforward simple chance to solve this, otherwise I’ll start taking the steps below. Unfortunately, you don’t give me a choice. Thank you for understanding H. F.
#third response from WG
-status Closed- Hello, Thank you for contacting Wargaming Gaming Support again. We are really sorry for the misunderstanding, but unfortunately we cannot offer you credits. At the same time, we cannot offer you any additional compensation, as we have no information. We recommend that you follow our official website, where information should appear in the event of global compensation due to problems and outages. As everything has been sufficiently explained to you, we would like to close your ticket.
Thank you for your understanding. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us. I wish you a beautiful day and good luck on the battlefield! Regards,
2nd ticket 
#start of the ticket, my message
Good day, I would like to ask for the renewal of credits for the start of the business caravan event, where I shuffled a few hours after the event (in the evening on the first day of the event, the moment I came home) to get the Kirovets tank, which was not available and there was no option to find out about its unavailability (being sold out) at the beginning of the event – there was no information about the offer being sold out in the game and there was no information about sold out tanks on the website.
I received information that you are refunding credits in these cases, see source: and in the attached screenshot.
I ask you kindly to return the credits for the first 12 hours of the game (or equivalent – you are allegedly returning the credits for the first 24 hours, enough for that first night), which will effectively solve the problem I talked with you in the previous incident ID 137869717, in which I was advised to follow the news and respond if there is a change in this regard. So I’m doing it and I would very much like to welcome the same compensation, I will consider the matter closed to full satisfaction and I will stop the steps mentioned in ticket ID 137869717. Thank you, H. F.
#first response from WG
Hello, Thank you for contacting Wargaming Gaming Support. We are really sorry for the misunderstanding, but unfortunately we cannot offer you credits. It has been explained to you several times that it is not possible to return the credits in case of this event. If you do not stop creating incidents, they will be closed automatically without a response. Thank you for your understanding. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us. I wish you a beautiful day and good luck on the battlefield! Regards,
#my second message- currently the last – waiting for response, but I think it will not go well 🙁
I definitely do not intend to abuse the support system, so please just answer me the last question – why –
— see —
it’s obviously possible and you’re telling me it’s not possible?
In addition, it is EU support – so you have a double standard? You yourself wrote to me that I should contact you if there is any further information regarding compensation – see above you have it in the link, so I do not understand your somewhat confusing behavior. Consider this also my last ticket to this incident, I don’t wish to make myself a trouble, just want to have explanation and information. I will be very grateful if you will give me one last answer on this matter. You closed the previous incident completely, so you didn’t give me a chance to react anymore, so please don’t be surprised that I took the liberty of following your instructions and when I found out new developments, I wrote again. Under normal circumstances, I contact support very rarely and I follow the rules honestly. I am so disappointed by this action and very concerned, both in the last incident and in this one. 🙁 Sincerely, H.F.


I also received the last answer – in which the support said, it is not the official info, so the event is currently without any refund.
As a final and public comment from me to this:
Like I said, I’m not saying by any means I dealt with it perfectly by the books, I’m not a legal expert or so, I’m a player and a customer and I felt robbed. All in all, this situation is concerning for me, because this is a proof, that WG is using predatory and at least very questionable monetizing tactics – as credits are a basic currency, but they are directly tied to monetization – and you really can’t rely on support if something goes wrong or they do something wrong.
In this case, I decided not to take further action, I hoped that someone would really think twice and made a right decision and showed how he values customers. They don’t, even all it took was a little step, at least a gesture – which is an information for me and for the other players as well. And yes, we all can say “Well we already know that.” but I tried to not be biased and gave them all the chances in the world. Call me a bit naive idealist. Hovewer, if the situation repeats itself, I will defend myself and see it through, because I know now for a fact that I tried and I can’t count as a customer on WG and “fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice…”.

30 thoughts on “Trading Caravan – No Compensation

  1. because of this i quit this game i lost 20millions and i dont want to waste any more time on this game because all they do is scam people with these events

  2. I knew this event would be a total fck up.
    Every event for the past 4 years has been bugged, broken or didn’t happen.
    So I never even log in for gypsy caravan event.
    So now no refund. Of course not.
    Players are total idiots keep paying and playing for a terrible company who have no idea about anything!
    It would be funny if it was a joke but it is not.

  3. i sent in a ticket like that also. i had all of my results posted on our clan discord & Forum..
    WG customer service is run by NO talented kids that don’t gave a damn for the player/Paying players.
    there support is “FUBAR” big time..we can’t give you a refund because—>Sergey Dolgiy
    Created 1 week ago
    Dear grego34,
    Thank you for contacting us.

    In different regions, there were different technical problems in the event and therefore a decision was made on different compensations when contacting the User Support Center.

    Hope for your understanding.

    Regarding your other questions, you will get an answer from an employee in a relevant department.

  4. I mean what do you expect from a game with no new maps, no sellable skins and the only one game mode for 20 years.

  5. brilliant event
    and they ASK how FUN this shit event was? REALLY? they sent a survey for this… MESS!
    hahahahahahahh ……… ohhhhhhhhhhhh

    pure gold
    that humor

  6. All i want to do is drive tanks around great scenery and shoot other tanks. Simple. But WG can’t even managed that.
    Just make frontline a standalone game add 10 more maps job done.

  7. This is something worrisome but I have something more annoying (and even more worrying). I have thought sometimes and move on in Brazilian justice but although in my country we are already accustomed to many examples of corruption…

    My problem started with the Christmas boxes, I spent a lot of money on them and gradually I realized that the chance of the repeated premium tanks were falling dramatically. I had already been suspicious / noticing this in several other promotions. The friend up there spent 15KK on credits, I spent a lot more than that, and really also realized that the more items you already had the more the game made it difficult to appear the type of item again.

    Returning to the Christmas boxes and summarizing the story, my concern is with THE GIVEAWAY AUDIT, since most of the events are paid draws, so AN AUDIT IS NECESSARY, by another reputable certifying company that AUTHENTICATES the validity of the contest and that validates that the draw is indeed RANDOM and NOT MANIPULATED.

  8. This is a farce, and no one (except WG) is laughing. I bet WG’s stand is “you rolled because you wanted something that wasn’t there, but n doing so you also rolled a lot of other offers you could’ve bought and ignored, so no refund for you”.

    The only way to avoid being ripped off by these scams is to exercise self-control. And to be honest, I don’t feel sorry for those who blew 50 million credits for the Kirovets (I could somewhat understand if they got the T-22 Medium or another Tier 10 reward tank, but the Kirovets? please).

  9. it is a Belarusian company, wtf can u expect from Belarus
    mabye to help with the invasion of your own country by russia tho

  10. Hi I share with you the very same experience.
    Like you I have pushed my luck backed up with over 10 millions credits. Only to not get some of the hoped prize.
    Like you I don’t care much because they are game credits but I share the upsetting at having been mislead on purpose.
    One sane person would have thought that daily allocation would have been made but no indeed a small allocation sold out in hours for some items and in the first few days for dinner others leaving hopeful but fooled players re shuffling times and over only to get 3 or 4 C52 or M41 offer in a row and countless of insanely expensive 3D cammos.

    For me the only purpose of this caravan was to steal back gold and credit massively earned during the Xmas operation. (Another massive fuck up by WG btw).
    It’s already several years that I have lost hope in that company, they literally have stopped caring about their customers and it reflects in everything, the profusion of clones, flavourless tanks having multi shot and hull down with depression and the maps being reworked for them.
    They are only still alive as a game for the lack of serious competition (war thunder is very close but still very different).

    May be online petition failing to succeed would still put the light on many issues such as these or mm or RNG.

    The nemesis of a great project is often is own creators

  11. I dont understand all of you. not to be able to read and understand rules or to do stupid things, shouldnt be compensat.
    you got 3 free rolls a day a nobody forced you to pay millions of credit. what actually is your free gaming curreny and not paid by money. and no promis by wg that you get what you want after x rolls.
    1 question, after a casino night are you going to the owner and want your money back. because you lost all your money? and if you dont get it back are you trolling the internet?

    1. Hello, its not about what youre saying, read the article and the chat with support – my problem is very different than crying about bad luck or so.

    1. As said on the end of it – there will be no progress – atleast from my side – in this instance. But it is certainly a very bad experience from customers side and I just wanted to share it with ya.

    2. To be honest, I lost 11m credits but I didn’t think of sending a refund-requesting ticket.
      The reason is very simple, I decided to gambling. So I simply took the result I got.
      In the end of the day, we can’t expect everything to be rainbow & sunshine. That’s how life works, isn’t it?
      WG is a company of human, and human makes mistakes, we all do.
      Yes we had a bad experience with this event. But this bad experience came not from only WG side, because it was obviously gambling. And we all take our responsibility for gambling, don’t we?
      I’ve observed everything in and out of the game for many years. Beside this time WG fcked up, I’ve never felt the need of complaining about anything they did in the past.
      The thing that made me want to type these lines the most is actually us, the community.
      This community has been complaining for years about everything. This time it went freaking horribly.
      You guys have been insulting a whole company for days without taking your part as gamblers.
      Again yes they did fck up, but we were the ones who decided to jump into that deep shithole.
      Each side takes their own responsiblity, isn’t that more fair?
      This community has been complaining for a long time. I know a few words won’t change anything. But I still spend my time typing, because this will help my mind that I’ve done something to try helping us to be less toxic.
      You live in a world where people die everyday, you simply can’t expect everything to be what you want.
      Bad things happen, after that I would like to do something to fix that instead complaining/insulting, it just won’t help at all.

      1. Although I have made a negative comment above, I agree with you and disagree with the fellow who opened ticket to ask for refund. I spent around 60 to 70 million in credits and 50K in gold and the choice was mine, I sold several Tier 10 tanks and forced the roulette wheel on purpose. First because there were many items I wanted to complete my tank collection, second because I can be able to buy all the tanks again by collecting credits. My criticism goes to the lack of AUDIT in these draws where we blatantly know that the machine manipulates the result, there is nothing random as they propagate. But one thing is for sure, once you have a good collection of tanks, you don’t want to go out and buy absolutely anything else because you’re reaching a limit. And that’s what I’m going to do! It doesn’t make sense to me anymore!

  12. Wtf.
    You had 3 free rerolls it told you the cost to roll again it even told you how many thanks were left.
    You are a dumb mf if you kept paying for rerole if all tanks already gone ffs you people deserve nothing you 43% bots

      1. Maybe if you could under stand fcking English then you would understand the fcking rules of the event and not make dumb fcking cry requests to support lol

        1. If you dont have anything of value to add to this, atleast you could stop embarrassing yourself, we have no time here for a toxic troll wannabe

  13. Do not listen to servants dedicated to the cause of WG, they will always have to polish their pumps.
    The adequate response to such practices must be a “boycott”. It would be enough to constitute a solid defense association made up of a third or more of all players of all nationalities and to put pressure on these sly bandits by not buying their products for a few months, in order to act. on what the keys: money…
    Because many of us have paid for many years and have been taken for granted. If we, the real contributors to their fortune, cut off their food, things could change…

    1. You’ve paid this company for years for their game then may I ask you what is the reason?
      Is it because you feel the urge to play the game or because you feel they are such pity beggers that you simply give away your generosity?
      What made you think you was some kind of savior that gave others food?
      What make you think there are so many people like you who refuse their acts and blame others for everything?
      I’m certainly not one of you. I take my part and don’t take what isn’t.
      Call me and people like me whatever, that doesn’t make you any better.
      And 1 last question: does spreading toxicity make you feel better?

  14. RTFM is what comes to my mind. It’s your fault if you didn’t fully read or understand the rules of the event.
    If you did you would have known that there is no guarantee to get offered the tank that you want. You gambled and you lost. No sympathy for you from my side, sorry. You just wasted even more time with this.

    1. “It states that the stock of some items is limited, which I take note of, however, this is all the information – I had no way of knowing that the Kirovets vehicle was no longer available.”

      Yes, you don’t know if it is available anymore. It is part of how the event works. Nowhere did WG say that you would be warned if an item was sold out.
      I understood that immediately after reading the article and decided to not throw my credits out of the window.
      Its 100% your own fault. Deal with it.

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