In-Game Store Offer: KV-5

Server: EU

This tank was not featured in the previously held Trading Caravan event. If you want to get this tank now it’s the perfect opportunity to purchase it for 7860 gold from the in-game store.

13 thoughts on “In-Game Store Offer: KV-5

          1. Oh wow, you don’t get it.
            Registered offices can be anywhere. It’s just a registered address.
            You pay a fee to get a registered address. There are literally 1000 of companies registered at the same address. Which isn’t even an actual single office.
            No wonder average player is 48%

            1. Wargaming staff are located in many offices including Kiev.
              Wargaming fired one of their game designers for being Pro-Russia in public. They gave money to relief funds and blocked general chat in RU. They are probably more Ukrainian than Belarussian at this point.
              Of course, the Westerner’s brain isnt good at complex thought so defaults to good v evil mindsets. Good and evil exist, but WG for all its faults isnt the evil in this situation.

              1. From his use of words/grammar i would argue that he is southeast/east europe (polish/czech/balkan). But in the end it doesnt matter.

              2. Do you really think WG donated to ukraine cause they wanted? Lemme tell you something , they did that so the entire player base won’t leave/boycott their shitt ass pay2win game, they knew that the moment they would associate with russia or belarus their business would perish so they donated a small amount of money and fired a communist designer. And yes , 1mil$ for WG is toiled paper also they couldn’t care less for that communist Serb.

                Don’t make WG look good in the eyes of the people cause they’re not , they’re just a fucking business like any other and they defend their money.

            2. I just lose braincells while reading your braindead shit.
              Do you really go through life like this, mouthbreather?

  1. Politics aside (WG firing SerB over his pro Russian statement says enough), I personally LOVE this tank. I know, the gun sucks and there’s a big ass weak point on the front (that I noticed ever fewer people know about). But if you get this thing in the right game it is so much fun to ram your way to victory with this heavy beast. I’ve set mine up for speed for extra ramming chance and damage. If that fits your playstyle I’d recommend you pick one up.

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