WoWS: Camera Improvements — Closed Test

Testing for new in-game camera settings will be taking place soon.

In an effort to make the use of battle camera more practical and comfortable, we’re testing two changes: a configurable field of view option which would allow for an increased viewing angle; and an adjustment to the height and distance of the camera relative to the player’s ship. The camera position when using binoculars remains unchanged in both cases.

To make navigation easier when aiming torpedoes, the camera will zoom out when switching to this armament.

We’ve also added a new option to switch between the standard aiming view and the aerial view when the Spotting Aircraft consumable is active. Currently, it can be awkward to aim at close-range targets when this consumable is active due to the elevated camera position, so the ability to switch to the lower Standard view mode on-demand will prove convenient if a threat appears nearby. The camera position when the aerial view is active remains unchanged and can still be useful against distant targets.

Please note that all information in the development blog is preliminary. Announced changes and innovations may change many times during testing.

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