WoT Battle Pass Season VII Progression Chart

Good day tankers,

Here is the fourth iteration of progression charts for battle passes. For those who are either lazy, with a job, or some other silly excuse. 🙂

** Completion of all 3 chapters unlocks a hidden chapter prior to the end of battle pass. I’m going to assume it is 50 extra levels, upping from 1.66/day to 2.2/day. Will update with more information **

Final time and days for each server:

  • NA server: 30 May 2022, at 17:30 PT | 19:30 CT | 20:30 ET

  • EU server: 30 May 2022, at 02:30 CEST (UTC+2)

  • RU server: 30 мая 2022, 3:30 (МСК)

  • ASIA server: 30 May 2022, at 08:30 UTC+8

I appreciate any feedback and as always, have a nice day.

For the stat nerds:

  • Season I was 29 days, average 1.55/day or 5/day ELITE.

  • Season II was 88 days, average 0.51/day or 1.64/day ELITE.

  • Season III was 80 days, average 0.56/day or 1.81/day ELITE.

  • Season IV was 92 days, average 1.63/day.

  • Season IV Extended was 99 days, average 1.52/day.

  • Season V was 76 days, average 1.96/day.

  • Season VI was 93 days, average 1.61/day.

  • Season VII is 90 days, average 1.66/day.

10 thoughts on “WoT Battle Pass Season VII Progression Chart

  1. So… according to that chart, I have to get started today, when the battle pass starts after tomorrow’s update. Curious.

    1. This!
      And I guess, the Tier8 premium will be quite hard to get, so it should be some sort of a marathon with higher point requirements, not just the usual 50 stages.

        1. After you beat all 3 chapters, you unlock a hidden fourth chapter where people believe you get a free tier 8 tank. AFAIK it is unconfirmed.

  2. WoT Battle Pass Season VII Progression Chart is made for NA, nor for EU. on EU, Battle Pass start on 2 March, not 1 March

    1. Apologies, however it can still be used for the other servers. As a reminder that WGNA, WGEU, WGRU, WGASIA all do separate events and other things, so doing things that go across all servers is kind of hard. This is why although I did not include a start time, I did include an end time for all servers.

  3. sure it can be used for others servers, but not on EU server, so for me is usless. on EU starts from 2 March and have 89 days, not 90 days. maybe you coud remake Progression Charts for Eu please?

    1. The reason I don’t include other servers is it would make the post very long, with a bunch of pictures. You can still use the chart, but on the final week, you can double check your points. On this chart I rounded off all values to a single point decimal, so at the end of the event, you should be off by a level or two, since NA 1.66/day and EU 1.68/day are extremely close.
      However, I will look into making a version of the chart so that it is useful across all four servers. Thank you for the feedback.

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