5 thoughts on “Supertest: 🇩🇪 VK 65.01 (H) – Initial Stats

  1. More hull armor then the old tier 5 German HT. But less pen and alpha for a bit more DPM, but even that old one had 0.33 dispersion and was faster. So not really the old 30.01 H, but close enough I guess.

    1. it is a 65 on behemoth at Tier 5, ou can’t expect it to play like the old Vk 30.01H which was originally a medium tank that WG decided should play the HT role in the game

      before the power creep this thing would attract a lot of attention from players, it would be like having the Tiger I at Tier 5, just angle it and most shots will bounce, of course that is no longer the case, the infestation of GOLD ammo spammers has reached lower tiers

      to make matters worse GOLD ammo does not seem to be balanced on a higher probability of bouncing like it did in the past, APCR against a angled Tiger I was not certain to cause damage in the past but now it is highly likely it will, the same will apply to this tank

      1. Or just shoot standard ammo at the 80mm turret of lolpens.

        Oh wait thats too hard for players. Yes, autoaim center mass lets go.

  2. 124mm gold pen even against several Tier5 tanks will be a problem, not talking about Tier 6 or 7 heavies. Also taking into consideration its mobility and armor, the tank is pointless and useless in the current state of the game.

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