Wargaming statement on the situation in Ukraine

Official statement of the company:

At Wargaming, the health and safety of our employees is paramount. Currently, all of the company’s resources are committed to helping our 550 colleagues from the Kiev office provide alternative accommodation, early wages, extra funding and relocation assistance. We also help employees’ families to travel to neighboring countries and organize accommodation there.

We would also like to inform you that on 28 February, Wargaming Kyiv donated $ 1,000,000 to the Ukrainian Red Cross. These funds will be supported by Ukrainian hospitals and doctors, Ukrainian citizens who had to leave their homes and other key humanitarian activities. If necessary, we will help further.


19 thoughts on “Wargaming statement on the situation in Ukraine

  1. That’s positive news.
    Can’t anyone complain about any of this.
    You have to be cynical to the core for that…

  2. Great news, great decision by wargaming.
    So we didnt spend our money in the game without achieving anything.

  3. Except all what you are doing to help your staff but feel you should at least issue a flag for the ships to show in support of Ukraine 🇺🇦
    I am not a top player in. World of warships legend’s but I have stopped playing all my Russian ships

    1. And then what are you doing here??? Desperate for attention??? Waiting for them to beg you NOT TO GO??? Pathetic…

  4. EU should ban WG from operating in Europe.Their hubris and offenses of freedom of speech ingame and on the forums cannot be ignored.Not even mentioning that Russians invade from a Belarus staging grounds as well as launch rockets.Don’t fund enemies of democracy,sanction Belarusian WG yourself.

    1. I told for years that WG is made as a washing machine for russia but nobody gived a fuck and still payed them millions of dollars per year
      in the last 1-2 years or since the christmas boxes, some ppl noticed something wrong with this
      but now its kinda to late
      “milking the cow for the last days”

  5. It amazes me that people try to make the Ukraine invasion WG’s fault. WG has done a lot of shitty things and fails to fix real issues, but they do not make decisions for Belarus or even Russia. So if what is happening to Ukraine is WG’s fault, does that make businesses in your countries to blame for the shitty decisions the governments do? Or is it that you hate WG that much that you can’t use actual logic and realize that governments are going to do WTF they want?

  6. Commendable for WG to donate money to Ukraine Red Cross and look after employess in Ukraine but considering you have a Belarusian owner & offices in Belarus and maybe Russian links? Wondering if money is still funneling into those counties via taxation etc., in which case you should go further and break your ties with Russia and Belaru, pay your taxes to the free world countries supporting sanctions and solidifying defences.

  7. … WG misses something vital in their statement :
    we strongly condemn the russian “invasion” (that would cut it ) of the Ukraine.

    if interested in wargamings money laundering (among other companies ofc) just google :
    GlobalMoney global24.ua wargaming

    1. Exactly my thoughts. They do no condemn the invasion nor they mention it’s a war. 1M is pocket change for your company and it is the very minimum you can do. I have personally uninstalled all my WG games. I do not expect anyone to cry about it nor will I cry when WG goes bankrupt..

  8. Interesting, where is WG’s letter to the world about the geocide of 14000+ Ethnic Russians in Ukraine from 2014 till this very day hmm, isn’t one, imagine that.

    1. Please remove Putin’s dick from your mouth…. we can’t understand what you are lying about…

  9. Hi, I am a player of war thunder, gaijin most likely supporting aggression of Putin by trying to be silent! But this company Wargaming really acting how supposed to be acted against the war in Ukraine. My big RESPECT to this organization. I think I will join World of Tanks game instead WT.

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