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  1. I tend to rage but i was avoiding any offensive insults, more like ‘damn wg and matchmaker’ sort of things. And after old ban expired got new 2 days ago. Funny fact, i was playing only a few games back on 17th of february and all were excellent shitbarn games without reason to rage.
    So i don’t know what i wrote wrong but game says offense was done on 17th…

  2. I’m fuckin’ chat banned fuckin’ all the fuckin’ time, and i have no fuckin’ clue why, because i’m a fuckin’ saint, for fuck sake 🙁

  3. Seb, i can confirm i got a 30-days chat ban in World of Tanks and the reason says “Offensive Insults” too.

    What is worse is that a friend of mine got a 7-days account suspension in World of Tank for being a “Foreign Agent” when he is a simple Belgium player like me.

    So, is Wargaming doing an obscure ban campaign against the Europe and American playerbase? And is it related to the Ukraine and Russia border issue?

    1. 7-days account suspension in World of Tank for being a “Foreign Agent”

      What the hell does “foreign agent” mean?? This isn’t a James Bond movie WG wtf.

      1. A foreign agent is what Russia and Belarus classify as people that work, come from or were born outside Russia and Belarus. For example, if Audi puts a factory in Minsk, or Amazon puts a warehouse in Vladivostok, that will make Audi and Amazon become foreign agents in Russia and Belarus eyes, respectively, as they are companies from outside the russian and belarussian territories.

        Belarus also uses the term “Foreign Agent” for the political opposition members and workers, in order to have them controlled and subdue them by any necessary means.

    2. Wot podvodná hra ze strany Curtise protože bany řeší robot a mnoho dalšiho.Po zmněně účtu kde jsem si dal hebrejský jméno bylo vše super.Na jiném účtu to byla katastrofa. Jsou to jenom moneymakers…

  4. Hi Sebastianul, i can confirm the suspensions. The first 6 images are from this forum. The 4 last ones are from Reddit. I want you to see the images as people confirmed they got 20 and 30 days chat suspensions for that offensive insults reason, and some others assure they got 7, 14 and even permanent account suspensions for being a foreign agent.


    Hope this can help you, Sebastianul. Have a nice day and thanks for helping us with this issues.

  5. I agree you useless bots of 0 to 43% should be banned.
    Anyone 43 to 48% should be limited to tier 1 to 3

  6. I can confirm i got an indefinite account blocking for “Foreign Agent” issues.

    And unlike what Jabster said, i have a 56% account with the 260, 279e and the T95/FV4201 Chieftain.

  7. They are using a new automated detection system and it can’t figure out context. I got a ban and when I went through the transcript with CS, it was because another player called our team “retarded” and when we won I said “I’m glad I was on the ‘retarded’ team.” I wasn’t insulting anyone, but the AI saw the word and issued a ban.

    1. Can you explain then why WeeGee is locking accounts for 7, 14 and even permabans and the only reason they give is “Foreign Agent”? Because my account has been permabanned for that “Foreign Agent” reason, and 2 of my friends got 30 days of chat ban for “Offensive Insults”.

      We contacted the Support. i was attended by Marina Balsa, my friend by Hugo Marchetti and my other friend by Esperanza Granero. What they said to us? That they put the bans and suspensions that they want and they don’t have to give a reason to ban a player.

      From me they won’t get a single cent after this clown circus show.

    1. You and your buttboy unhappy_bunny won’t even let us discuss this else you delete the thread and delete my account

  8. Hi, i am Anubisfloppy, from the clan [PAKDW]. Today i killed a guy using a Strv S1 called The_Steel_Commander in my E-25 in a match in Murovanka and i also earnt an Invader medal. Me and my friend Spaeschel in his Panther/M10 managed to track him and kill him. We befriended a guy called GoldenKush in his Caliban that helped us win the match by distracting that guy.

    The surprise when we logged again after having a chat on Discord with Spaeschel and GoldenKush? My E-25 dissapeared from my account, Spaeschel’s Panther/M10 dissapeared too and GoldenKush’s Caliban also dissapeared. We three got a chat ban for 30 days for “Offensive Insults” and two hours after we messaged the Staff on a ticket, we got a 14-days chat ban for “Foreign Agent” reasons.

    Is that guy, The_Steel_Commander a Wargaming employee or something? It that his revenge for killing him and making his team lose? And why Wargaming applies both a one month chat ban and a two week account suspension at the same time?! Can someone actually help us?!

  9. Mine is worst. I killed Skill4ltu using his T95/FV4201 Chieftain and i was driving my M54 Renegade. My Renegade dissapeared, i got a chat ban for 20 days for offensive insults and 3 hours after that i got an infinite lock of my account for being a foreign agent.

    Okay, WG, block my account. But my bank provider will give me back the money as what they did it’s a SCAM and a FRAUD.

  10. I got an account suspension that will never expire for being a Foreign Agent.

    The reason? I got a gift of 30000 gold from my clan commander as we are close friends. Now he lost 100 euros of a gift and i lost my account and the gift.

    What a nice way to scam money from Wargaming, huh?

    1. hey dude, imagine that i got a permanent account suspension for being a foreign agent because the guy i killed was a weegee employee and he was using a t-44-122. yes, that exclusive and strange tier 7 tank

  11. My clan commander got 14 days of account suspension for being a Foreign agent, i got a Foreign agent status too but i got a permanent account suspension. We got the bans 4 hours after i gifted an ELC Even 90 to my clan commander as it is his birthday.

  12. I have a permanent chat ban for other things made in the past. Remember the 10th Anniversary Amnesty? I got unbanned and when the event ended i got chat banned permanently again.

    I sent a ticket to the Support Team and an employee called Marina Balsa told me that my ban would be permanent if i like it or not, and that if i dare to contact the Support Team again they will classify my account as a Foreign Agent and block the access to the account permanently.

    Well, seems that i will have to go to the User and Consumer Organization of my country again. The last time i won 2500€ on a court as the legal department of WG doesn’t actually exist and they never go to represent themselves.

  13. I caught a chat ban some months ago for using the term c*nt in game on the NA server. For some reason that word set them off, but every other word seems to be tolerated, at least when directed against me. Oh well.

    I also caught a warning on the forum when someone asked about skil4ltu’s haircut and I replied that his wife was cutting his hair due to the wuflu quarantine.

  14. There’s still players spending 40 million credits on the gypsy caravan trying to get a kirovelts lmao

    1. My entire clan [DBKF] got deleted and all the members (we were 56) and me got a permaban for being -foreign agents-, as we all saw on our discord server

      Anyone knows if is there a way to report this scam and fraud made by Wargaming in Romania? If yes i would like to get some help as i spent a lot of money for now geeting banned with my clan for no real reasons.

  15. I got a chat ban for 30 days for offensive insults and my friend got a game ban for 7 days for foreign agent. Is this the prize for buying a Type 62 and a Type 59 from the Commerce Caravan?

  16. i lost my object 268 5 after killing a guy called Volvo140_Sweden! after i killed him in a match using my object 268 5 i got a message saying my object 268 5 was sold for compensate him and i got a message saying my account was locked 7 days for being a foreign agent!!!

    what the hell is going on! i paid too much for the object to lose it! all report this to the consumer office of your countries!!!!!

  17. All these stories are lies. There is nothing written anywhere.
    Nothing in forum, nothing in Reddit, no thing YouTube video about this.

    1. There are screenshots that show that this has been stated on Reddit, Discord and Twitter.

      Are you trying to boycott this for your personal gain? Are you a Wargaming Inc worker, employee or affiliate?

      Please, refrain from making such statements in the future if you really care about the people.

  18. Okay, i saw some screenshots on Reddit and Discord that show the bans and suspensions. I also saw that the Support Team is not working as intended. And i saw there is no official response nor Youtube videos about it because Wargaming is covering it to make it look like an isolated incident.

  19. You guys can and should a complete copy of the data WG has on you. You can get it in the settings on the homepage. With this you can confirm that you didnt insult anyone or at least it wasnt hard enough to get a ban, maybe.

    1. Me and my friends did that, and we got answered by 4 Customer Support workers. What they said?

      “Thanks for contacting us. Sanctions of this caliber won’t be revoked nor studied. We sanctioned you as you broke the rules of the EULA.

      Have a nice day and good luck on the battlefields!”

      Good luck onnthe battlefields when we got 4 permabans for being foreign agents. What is this trash?!

      1. Thats not what I meant I think. Via https://eu.wargaming.net/personal/privacy/ you can get all data, WG has on you. All your chatlogs etc. With this you can confront them, that you did nothing wrong, if you did nothing wrong. Its all they have on you, EVERYTHING you wrote in WoT, ever. And its their data they have on you. Its a prove. With this you can argue way better then saying, Hey, i didnt do it. No, you can show the prove.

        1. I did what you said as i got a chat ban for 30 days for offensive insults.

          Guess what should happen? They saw they made a mistake and they rectify, right?

          And guess what they actually did?? I sent a ticket explaining that i did nothing wrong and show them my chat logs. I got a 14-days account ban for being a “foreign agent” and for “Defying a decissionmade by Wargaming”.

          Sorry but i will have to go to a court for this.

  20. The problem with Wargaming is the ‘wokeness’ they are trying to portray. They will ban you for calling someone a “f’in idiot” or telling them they are bad…

    But do nothing to the players who play poorly, drag the teams into loss after loss.. etc., and to me this just seems like a one sided issue. Wargaming wants you to not call out turds…. while allowing turds to stink up the game.

  21. wg put me a 30-days chat ban for that offensive insults thing after i killed a guy in his progetto 46 with my su 130pm

    i contacted the consumer support with a ticket and they told me i killed a wg employee and that if i dont gift him a defender in 7 days i will get permabanned

    where cna i show the images of the chat please? i want to show people i am not joking

  22. Greetings. I am a Spanish World of Tanks player, i will remain as anonymous as i don’t know what measures WG can take against me for reporting this case.. I got 20 days of chat ban for that “Offensive Insults” issue. When i contacted the support with a ticket they told me to stop contacting them in a really harsh and offensive way from their part.

    I will post the link of the chat i had so everyone can read it. I warn that it’s in Spanish. But in a resume, they menaced me with a 7-days account lock and insulted me and my account. One of the answers is omitted as it’s an automated response by a bot called Anthony Curtis.


  23. i got a match where i did 9 kills in my progetto 46 and got 4 medals for it. i don’t know why but WG banned me from the chat for 30 days.i contacted them and they told me that i killed an employee’s friend and that i had to sell my progetto 46 or to gift him a defender tank and 5000 gold in apologize. i refused and wg has menaced me with an account deletion for breaking the rules in the end user license agreement.

    what can i do? should i pay that guy? i dont want to sell my progetto 46 as i love to pubstomp low tiers

  24. Bobtanker3 here, i made 4 kills on an EBR 90, i got my account banned as one of the guys was a weegee worker. I had the option to sell my ebr 90 or to gift that guy a bourrasque. I refused to both and weegee banned my account for being toxic

  25. I lost my AE Phase 1 and my friend bruart lost his Concept 1B. We contacted WG as we got both tanks deleted from our garages and they said it was done in order to compensate a player who we killed, that was also a Wargaming employee. He got 40000 gold as a compensation from both tank deletions and we lost 10000 gold each from our accounts. We feel scammed and want to know how we can report Wargaming to a court.

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