WoWS: Update 0.11.1, client crashes

Commanders! With the release of Update 0.11.1 the frequency of game client crashing has increased. We are currently investigating the reasons of the issue and trying to find the fastest solution.

We will be sure to share more information on the reasons, status and deadline for the fix of the issue once we are ready. We also apologize for the inconvenience.

Information Update

One of the reasons the client crashes is due to using an older version of the Reload Timer mod. If you are using an older version of this mod, we recommend you to update it.

We will continue investigating other reasons for client crashes and will share more details once we are ready.

5 thoughts on “WoWS: Update 0.11.1, client crashes

  1. Hey Seb, i saw some people in World of Tanks got random chat bans for 20 days without reason, only saying “Offendive Insults”.

    Well, today me and some other people in World of Warships entered the accounts and saw a chat ban for 30 days for “Offensive Insults” too.

    You know what is happening, and why most EU server accounts are getting random chat bans even when people didn’t broke the rules, like me?

    1. I can confirm i got a chat ban for 30 days on WoWS for Offensive Insults, and i don’t have a sailor’s mouth (what a lame joke).

      And i can confirm some friends who play WoWP got chat bans for 20 and 30 days for Offensive Insults and noone insults or acts toxic.

      I feel that Wargaming is doing some temporal shadow-banning tactics against Europe players for the Ukraine-Russia conflict, as Belarus is positioned as a Russian ally.

    2. i play world of warplanes and i got a 30 days ban on the chats for offensive insults too

      like wtf is going on?! is wargaming banning random people for fun or what?!

    3. 20 days banned for me for -offensive insults- too. Can you explain to me how -Hi-, -Have a nice day- or -Have fun and keep an smile!- can be offensive insults?

      Wargaming messed it up too far. I will present a reclamation in the Consumers Office in my country. They went too far this time.

    4. Heh, i thought i was the only one in WoT with a 20-days ban for insults, when i never use the General Chat. So Old Uncle WeeGee is punishing european and american accounts for the eastern troop crisis? So bad they will get a boycott from Ukraine for that.

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