19 thoughts on “World of Tanks NFT?

  1. “You lure people in with good pancakes and french fries, and then you f*ck ’em with some NFTs!” – Butters

    1. The entire concept is complicated so I’ll give you the short answer.

      NFTs are a type of digital products that are unique in a way that only one or few copies could exist.

      For an example, have you seen the recent Kirovets 1 tank? Imagine that WG release a special variant of it, let’s call it Kirovets 1S and this tank has a 152 mm gun and a 50 km/h top speed, but there is a catch. Only 10 will ever be sold and each unit will cost like a fortune to buy and you can sell it back to the player base if WOT had a market place like the ones in MMOs RPGs.

        1. Sure, his description fits perfectly the hysterical shitshow of this site and it sure is easy to sway people like that.
          but in the end it is wrong, NFT really means: “NFTs are non-fungible tokens, ownership of which are registered on a blockchain. The tokens are associated with digital objects (which may include images and/or other digital works) associated with the NFT (“Digital Object”).”

          It could mean everything that WG implements it. And it is probably just a legal move to add it to the agreement. But in the end Seb just want click on/for his site. Like he intended when he claimed that a WG employee would snort coke and claims every other half-a-year that he has information from an inside that WG will be dissolving.

          1. I’ll remind you Bot that you are under oath. How long have you worked for WG? When was the last time you snorted coke?

      1. Nfts are called non fundible tokens.. You dont own the nft your just get the right to say you have the right to look at a picture…

        NFTs are a scam..

  2. I prefer the term “nasty f****ng things” as Steph so nicely calls them.
    And besides the issue of most NFTs being scams and/or money laundering, they are incredibly polluting on top with all the energy requirements per transaction and all the e-waste they generate.

    Oh, and using it as an excuse to implement a player marketplace is laughable. We’ve had marketplaces in MMORPGs for decades. No need to eff it up with NFT bullshit.

    Also, which NFT would they have sold through WoWP?
    I kinda missed any mention of it.

    1. “incredibly polluting on top with all the energy requirements per transaction and all the e-waste they generate.”

      Just like your comment.

  3. WG staff on reddit, more or rather the WOWS subreddit have already said It’s not in the works atm. It was added in case they wanted to do it. But going by how gamers have reacted to it in general on other games, they iced it for now.

  4. Lol, literally every tank, plane and warship is an NFT. The rights to the image belong to Wargaming. Irrespective of whether you have paid cash or some form of in-game credit you do not own the digital image.

  5. I already don’t see their purpose/benefits in general (and to some extent, same for cryptocurrencies), I see even less what they could bring/change to the game… One could hope for them (NFT & cryptocurrencies alike) to finally sink or vanish suddenly, for schadenfreude’s sake… and possibly the better for videogames, considering how a noticeable part of gamers don’t want them implemented in games.

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