🇨🇳 WZ-114 Available on EU

Hidden Tiger: Ultimate (78€)


Bundle content

  • IX WZ-114 + 1 Garage Slot
  • Bonus 100% trained crew with the Brothers in Arms perk trained to 100%
  • 2D Style: Striped Predator
  • 1,500,000 credits + 6 days of Premium
  • Enhanced Gun Laying Drive Class 1
  • Vertical Stabilizer Class 1
  • Gun Rammer Class 1
  • 15×Training Booklet (China)
  • +50% to credits earned in battle for 1 h
  • +200% to Free Experience earned in battle for 1h
  • +50% to experience earned in battle for 1h
  • +200% to Crew Experience earned in battle for 1h
  • 13×Large Repair Kit
  • 13×Large First Aid Kit
  • Automatic Fire Extinguisher

16 thoughts on “🇨🇳 WZ-114 Available on EU

  1. Bundle is about 4€ more expensive than the Strv K one, which is fairly stupid considering the Strv K also came with a Sabaton-themed skin (whereas here you must pay an additional 6k gold for the WZ skin).

  2. 80EUR !!!! FFS!
    This means, you devote your life grinding, reach 50% discount, you still pay 40 EUR
    And one year later you find it as special sale for 30-35 EUR (as the did with the kpz 07 RH last week).

    Somehow I begin to think Wargaming underestimates severely our intellectual capacity!

  3. If you even consider the tank is worth 5 euros you have mental issues.

    The WZ-114 has the same armor as the 112 BUT:
    -Sees Tier X unlike the 112
    -The gun has 266 pen which is great for Tier IX and 530 Alpha, okay… BUT A 20 SECOND RELOAD AND WORSE DISPERSION AND BLOOM VALUES THAN EVEN A GW E-100!
    -Worse mobility than even a Caliban

    If you want to spend 80€ either do it on a hooker or in a Bourrasque+Skoda T56

    1. Skoda T 56 is only good for farming WN8 and winrate, it has no value as a credit maker because its standard ammo is trash and so you must shoot gold all the time.

      As bad as WZ’s gun handling is, at least it can pen what it’s shooting at (standard ammo is 30 less alpha, 10mm less pen and LOL faster shell velocity than Jagdtiger), if you get it thinking it will be a fast snapshotter then yes, better to spend the money on a good night at the brothel (and a good night at the brothel is worth more than anything World of Tanks can offer anyway).

      1. I deal 3-4k dmg per game in my Skoda and I never shot a single round of gold. Stop saying “standard ammo is trash”, just admit you suck without the premium.

        Also, the OP is wrong, the dispersion values on this tank are really good

      2. Wrong again.
        Good shell velocity only goes so far. Penetration values drop off at distance.
        Good read game mechanics before spouting out your trash.

        1. Why did you even bother posting that? You don’t need anyones approval to be a pseudo pro and spam gold like the other guy said. There’s a much better and reasonable argument as to why anyone would spam apcr and “penetration values lowering due to distance” has nothing to do with it but if that’s really your reason to load the skill then I actually fee sorry for you. Yeah, read the game mechanics

  4. LOL, only 80 euros?, pretty cheap considering what u will get in games like Marvel strike force or SW galaxy of heroes for the same price. OFC 80e is a lot of money, im just saying u get a whole tank for that money. In Marvel strike force, u will get roughly 150 shards of a new character for 80 euros. However, to max that character out, u need 810 shards in total, so do the math 🙂 Imagine u would get only tracks and engine for 80 euros, thats how other games work. So yes, WoT is still cheap as F* 🙂

  5. Its a T9 Premium Heavy ~
    so it will get a massive amount of always +1 MM Tier 10 tank battles over and over

    the DPM is total crap reload 3 times a min?
    Its Speed and very low power to weight ratio, plus snail like Traverse speed ~ is total crap

    Any Russian bob-ject Heavy Tank at T9 can/ will run rings around this Tractor, and there Guns out DPM it by almost 80% or more

    yeah a bargain go for it ……..?

  6. One of the worst premium tanks in the game lmao
    I wouldn’t even pay 20 kopecks for this pie of crap

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