WoT EU – Confrontation: New Global Map Event Coming!

The Global Map and its heated battles are coming back! The strongest clans will lock horns in an uncompromising Confrontation to prove their superiority and earn valuable rewards.

The new clan event will take place from February 7 through February 21, and this time, some familiar rules will change. However, you can still earn a powerful Tier X vehicle as a main reward, as well as other valuable prizes. It’s Confrontation time—may the strongest win!


February 7 at 04:00 CET (UTC+1) through February 21 at 04:00 CET (UTC+1)

Reward Vehicles

Let’s start off with the reward vehicles—something that commanders are most interested in! Participation in the Confrontation event gives you a chance to earn one of seven Tier X clan vehicles, including the T95/FV4201 Chieftain. Here’s the full list of vehicles that are available from the game event:

4,000 reward vehicles for earning a position in the event’s personal leaderboard

8,700 reward vehicles from the Auction for prize vehicles

Only a vehicle that the player does not currently own can be selected.

Permit for the Auction for Prize Vehicles

In the Confrontation event, the rules for accessing the Auction for prize vehicles will be changed. Players will need to produce a special Permit in the Workshop to access the Auction for prize vehicles after the event is over. Production of the Permit is instant and does not suspend the production of a vehicle in the Workshop. Once the player receives the Permit (or the event ends), further Permit production will not be possible.

Just like with vehicles in the Workshop, you’ll need to participate in the Confrontation event, earn resources in battles, and use them to produce components. The Permit will be available for production once all the necessary components are made.

Produce the Permit to Auction for prize vehicles using components that can be assembled from resources. Click to construct missing resources using Scrap, then use the resources to produce components.
Suspension components

1 / 2
Engine components

1 / 1

2 / 2

8 / 8
Spare parts

6 / 7

14 / 14
Ferrous metal

9 / 9

Scrap: 120 / 100
If you have already earned a leaderboard position and claimed a reward vehicle with personal Fame Points, you will no longer be able to participate in the Auction for prize vehicles, even if you have produced a Permit for it.

Personal Fame Points System Rework

The mechanics for earning clan Fame Points remain unchanged, but some of the personal Fame Points mechanics have been revised. Now all team players will receive personal Fame Points in an equal amount for each battle fought according to the following rules:

Front  Victory  Defeat  Battle against the province owner on any Front or battle defending a province  Tournament among challengers on regular provinces of any Front, and landing auction tournaments on the Advanced or Elite Fronts 
Basic Front  10  7  14  14 
Advanced Front   10  7  21  21 
Elite Front  10  7  28  28 
Regardless of whether the team won or lost, players will earn points after battle only if their team has destroyed five or more enemy vehicles.


Clan A defeated Clan B in a battle against the province owner on the Advanced Front. Each player of Clan A (who participated in the battle) will receive 31 points (10 for a victory on the Advanced Front and 21 for a battle against the province owner).

As a result of the mechanics changes, personal rewards costs have been updated accordingly. Also, bonuses that speed up the gain of personal Fame Points have been removed from Personal Bonuses.

These new personal Fame Points mechanics are being tested out in this event. The system may undergo further changes in future events.

Improving the Special Battle List

You can now get even more useful battle information without entering the Global Map! The Special Battle List will display the following:

  • Name of the map
  • Server
  • Detachment assigned by the officer
  • Battle start time

This will help you quickly understand when and in which battles to participate.

Confrontation: General Rules

The rest of the Confrontation rules have not changed and will be familiar to those who took part in previous game events on the Global Map. Here’s a brief recap:

  • Battles are fought in 15v15 format in Tier X vehicles.
  • Clans earn Fame Points both in battles and for strategic decisions that commanders make. Clan fighters receive personal Fame Points to redeem personal rewards.
  • The playing field is divided into three Fronts, each with its own size, bonuses, and specific number of Fame Points that can be earned. The commander’s task is to develop a strategy to achieve the clan’s goals.
  • The clan’s Fame Points are distributed by the commander. These points can be saved or spent in the Laboratory for various bonuses that provide strategic advantages or increase the speed at which clan Fame Points are earned.
  • Vehicles can be equipped with experimental modules.

Vehicles in the Workshop

The production of the Permit for the Auction for prize vehicles will not affect the production of Tier VII and VIII vehicles—they will remain available in the Workshop. This time, you will be able to produce the following three vehicles:

You can go to the Workshop from the clan screen in the game client.

Hellraiser: New Historical 3D Style for the M60

Here’s some more about rewards! The top 4,000 players of the event by personal Fame Points earned will be able to receive the new historical Hellraiser 3D style for the M60. The style turns this already impressive tank into an even more formidable and spectacular vehicle—check it out!

The 3D style does not include the M60 itself. You will receive it even if you do not have the M60 tank in your Garage.

The top 10% of clan players who finish in the Alley of Fame during the Confrontation game event will receive the Prospector 2D style. This spectacular style can be applied to any Tier VIII–X vehicle.

Collect the Element 2D Style Series!

Clan players will also have a chance to earn the new Earth Element 2D style, which completes the series of Element-themed styles. This look can be applied to any Tier VIII–X vehicle in your Garage.

In addition, personal Fame Points can be used to redeem three more styles of the series from previous events, as well as the Lightning 2D style. Participate in the Confrontation event to get the entire collection!

Styles for Reward Vehicles

Finally, don’t forget the incredible 3D styles for the two Tier X reward vehicles: Guardian of Crown for the T95/FV4201 Chieftain and Proserpina for the Carro da Combattimento 45 t. Both styles can be redeemed using personal Fame Points.

Personal Rewards

In addition to a Tier X reward vehicle and spectacular styles, you can get a bunch of useful game items, including bonds, days of WoT Premium Account, and other rewards. And, of course, unique medals and badges!

Clan Rewards

The event’s reward pool will be 7,000,000 gold.

Depending on your clan’s position in the Alley of Fame, you can get a multiplier to your personal bond reward of up to x7. For finishing among the top 1% of players on the personal leaderboard and being a member of a clan in the top 1% of clans at the end of the event, you will receive the Global Map Legend badge and six similar decals.

Get ready for a fierce Confrontation, Commanders!

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