4 thoughts on “WoT – Confrontation on the Global Map

  1. so…

    less credits
    less tanks to get and no info if you will need to use your fame points for the tank top 4000.
    If yes, will be nothing else left to spend other than tank
    less female crew members 5 to 3
    no obj 907 3D style?
    less fame points to get in battles
    no directives

    As any event, you will get less and less everytime…….

  2. Bad move from WG to make CW rewards more like an auction, it’s not fair that people must play 3-5 hours straight for 14 days just to bid for a place to choose a tank. Guess it is just the Chieftain’s effect to make sure not 4k of them make it into the random queue.

  3. As I say every time. Every single event or every single thing WG have touched in the last two years had been ruined….

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