Under The Hammer: Tank Auction Aftermath

These are the minimum sums for which each tank was won:

EU and NA Auction Information

No. Item Available (EU/NA) Min Bid Lowest Winning Bid (approx) (EU/NA)
01 113 BO 4500/1500 18 700 Gold 20 100 Gold/21 150 Gold
02 Obj 268 v5 10 000/4500 155 000 Free XP 500 000 Free XP/360 000 Free XP
03 AMBT 30 000/10 000 9900 Gold 13 000 Gold/11 111 Gold
04 WZ-111 QL 5500/2000 17 400 Gold 25 100 Gold/27 500 Gold
05 Type 59 G 2000/500 25 000 Gold 43 288 Gold/50 300 Gold

Asia Auction Information:

No. Item Available Min Bid Lowest Winning Bid (approx)
01 113 BO 1500 235 000 Free XP 235 000 Free XP
02 Obj 268 v5 4500 155 000 Free XP 230 000 Free XP
03 AMBT 10 000 155 000 Free XP 155 000 Free XP
04 WZ-111 QL 2000 220 000 Free XP 277 500 Free XP
05 Type 59 G 500 500 000 Free XP 785 000 Free XP

21 thoughts on “Under The Hammer: Tank Auction Aftermath

  1. no way Qilin lowest winning was 25100… I literally did put 25100 and got it.. that’s insane..

      1. Still pissed off about AMBT, Would have put 15k if they had made it more clear there is no competitive bid for gold auction. I hope they sell it normally – this is some serious crap with WG and their poor announcements!

        1. WG said from the very beginning that only the Free XP Bid will have a competitive bid and that there will be only 1 Free XP Bid.
          Which literally means that gold auctions dont have a competitive bid.
          If that is not clear enough for you, bro, you gotta start working on your reading skills.

          1. First of all – English is foreign language for me. So they have to bear this in mind and be more clear. They did not write clear enough that ONLY free xp auction will have competitive bid.
            It was all hidden in a wall of text. Not everyone has time to read huge articles.
            How hard was it for them to say clearly that gold auction is hidden bid? Not hard. Especially when many people read english article because there is not news in all langueges.

            1. Even if you do not understand English well, didn’t you figure out in those almost 20 hours, that in the client on auction page there is no Comeptitive bid shown, and it will never be? You could have changed your bid at any time.

  2. Wow, NA averaged 50k gold? I snagged it for the minimum. Had all this gold and no intention to play the game so I thought why not?

  3. i got Type 59G at EU for 41600g, just saying, aprox. results are bit more incorrect i believe .. 🙂

    1. Type 59G for 5K gold was a little chance unless you had all the rare low tiers tanks and so on. And I dont care about lowtiers, so naturally I did not had a chance to get it. Unlike many others, I actually play these tanks or atleast I intend to in some cases and I am just having fun.

      I have my limits, they are just higher than yours. Someone buys alcohol, someone loves food, someone buys virtual tanks. I see no problem in having a hobby, even somewhat costly, unless it hurts family or others. Spare your insults and grow up.

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