Type 59 Gold Auction Results – Chinese Server

The Type 59 Gold, the fifth auctioned tank on the Chinese server, was completely sold out at a fabulously high price!

According to the reports of Chinese players, bids were around 106 000 – 109 000 gold, which is equivalent to about 2,700 yuan (about 378 euro at the exchange rate).

The highest possible bid made by one Chinese player is known: 330 000 gold, which is equivalent to 8250 yuan (about 1147 euro).

The Type 59 Gold surpassed the WZ-111 Qilin price (minimum bid 29 999 gold) and also the price of the Waffentrager clone WT 12 (minimum bid 72 500 gold).

According to the statistics for the middle of 2020, there were slightly less than 20 000 Type 59 Gold tanks on the Chinese server player accounts. Today, 2 000 more tanks have been added, coming from the auction.

Let me remind you that under the old partner of WG (Kongzhong), the Type 59 Gold was freely sold in the Chinese premium store until the spring of 2020. The last price for it was 988 yuan (about 137 euro).

8 thoughts on “Type 59 Gold Auction Results – Chinese Server

  1. 50.000 > 165€

    330.000 / 50.000 * 165 = 1089€
    Give or take a few cents.

    So you are saying gold over there is THREE TIMES CHEAPER?
    … the highest bit then was more like 110.000 Gold in real life… (which is 330€ give or take)

    pff still idiotically expensive.

  2. The Type G has a better credit co-efficient on Chinese Server from what I recall.
    That could be a part of the reason.
    Well, that and the Chinese are friggin nuts.

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