WoT Supertest: Trading Post (New Map)

The Trading Post map is coming to the Supertest: This is an early prototype and is currently intended for solving technical problems.

Map size: 1000×1000 meters.

Game mode: Standard Battle.

  1. The lane located in the mountain ridge with safe positions for shoot-outs between heavy tanks.

  1. The central lane is a plain featuring irregular terrain. This area is well suited for rapid vehicles where they can use the bushes and terrain to spot enemy manoeuvres while remaining undetected.

  2. The beach area allows medium tanks to start clashes from a distance and then move along the ocean for close-quarters engagements.

  1. The small town provides a link between the center lane and the beach.

  1. Hills that allow repelling enemy breakthroughs toward the bases and control of the central lane.

They allow firing along the adjacent directions, thus providing additional fire support to allied medium and heavy tanks.

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4 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: Trading Post (New Map)

  1. That is……

    WG created a new map by taking a piece of each map tested in game a few months ago …

    Maps seen in Recon Mission: Explore New Maps and Earn Rewards!


  2. For Technical Reasons ~ would that be the Team MM or General everything MM that’s been screwed over with the ‘New Fair MM Template’ promised so sincerely by WG from 3 years ago that, but wasn’t Fair …… again

  3. Another map where you go on the same corner you get fucked by TDs ebrs spot you in 20 seconds since start of the game and arty apes farm you because no cover whatsoever

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