WoWS Closed test 0.11.0, Early access to Pan-Asian cruiser, Asymmetric battle and other news.

Details about the main features of the upcoming update.

Event “Pan Asian Cruisers. Part 1”

In update 0.11.0, we’ll open early access to a new line of Tier V-X Pan-Asian cruisers. The celebration of the Lunar New Year will also begin.

In honor of the event, added:

  • The “Silk Dawn” permanent camouflages for VII Chumphon, VIII Harbin, IX Sejong, X Jinan and IX Dalian.

  • The “Pan Asian Cruisers. Part 1” commemorative flag, and the patches “Friendship Knot” and “Golden Dragon”.

  • We’ve also updated the “Dragon” port for this event.

Asymmetric Battle

During the update, “Asymmetric Battle” will be available to play.
“Asymmetric battle” is a temporary battle type in which one team fields a larger number of ships of a lower tier, and the other team has a smaller number of high-tier ships.

This year we’ve changed the Tiers of ships available to take into battle.

  • Team 1
    • Tiers: IX and X.
    • Number of ships: 6-8.
  • Team 2
    • Tiers: VII and VIII.
    • Number of ships: 9-12.

To participate in a battle on Tier IX-X ships you’ll need a temporary resource – Battle tokens”. You can earn tokens by participating in asymmetric battles on Tier VII-VIII ships.

Rental superships in random battles

As we told you before, superships and their mechanics, considering the interest in them, may become a full-fledged part of the game. In the future, we want to continue the existing tech tree branches with superships. In addition to the logic of them being a technological continuation after tier X, we also believe that because of the inherently more potent gameplay characteristics of superships as compared to their predecessors, they do not fit into tier X.

This is a big and important step for our game, and based on our previous experience, we plan to test them thoroughly.

So far, we’ve carefully analyzed not only the data we received, but also your feedback, and the current season of ranked battles showed that superships fit the current concept of the game and were warmly welcomed by players.

Therefore, starting with update 0.11.0, testing of super ships will continue not only in ranked and cooperative battles, but also in random battles.

Random battles are the most popular type of battle in the game, so testing there will allow us to best assess the current state of superships and continue to improve this important content for the future of the game.

In addition, random battles have a different format from ranked battles – 12×12. Therefore, it is important to test super ships in this format, because it can significantly change the pace and density of battle, and the effectiveness of superships may be affected.

In 0.11.0 super-ships will be available for rent from random bundles in the Armory, and there will be standard class and tier restrictions on the number of them in battle.

Submarine Changes

Sonar ping and homing torpedo mechanics have been updated:

The sub can now maintain an acoustic pulse on multiple enemy ships simultaneously.

  • Sonar pings hitting a ship are now divided into “active” and “inactive”.
  • After launching, torpedoes are homing only to the active ping sector and continue to do so if it becomes inactive. At the same time, the launched torpedoes cannot be redirected to another target.
  • Only the last sonar ping hit on enemy ships is considered active.
  • If a ship has an active ping sector and torpedoes are homing to it, it will become inactive when a new ping hits another ship.
  • If a ship has an active ping sector and no torpedoes are homing at it, it will disappear when a new ping hits another ship.

These changes will prevent submarines from changing the targets of their already homing torpedoes, but at the same time give them the ability to effectively counter multiple opponents at once.

Detectability changes:

  • A submarine at the operating depth can now detect ships in smoke at the guaranteed acquisition range.
  • A ship in smoke can also now detect a submarine at the operating depth from a guaranteed acquisition range.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a submarine to receive a 20-second detectability range penalty after using sonar ping.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a ship’s detectability by depth to increase after firing in smoke.

New content

The following content will be added in the upcoming update 0.11.0:

  • The Аchievements “Small Fleet Encyclopedia”, “Medium Fleet Encyclopedia” and “Large Fleet Encyclopedia”, which will be rewarded for participation in special portal activities, as well as the achievement “EAT PLAY TALK 2021”, for participation in the event of the same name. Details will be published later.

  • The Permanent camouflage “Gryphon” for X Plymouth, which will later become available for clan tokens.

  • Permanent camouflage “Camouflage scheme of HMCS Sackville” for VII Yukon.

  • The permanent camouflage “Geobukseon” for IX Chung Mu.

  • Commander Yi Sun-sin.

  • Сommemorative flags “EAT PLAY TALK 2021”, “Year of the Tiger”, “Khabarovsk”, “Großer Kurfürst”, “Atlântico”, and “FR25”.
  •  The “Symbols of Yukon” patch and commemorative flag.

  • Commander Peter Gradov.

  • The “Grandmaster Collector” Emblem for having a collection of 500 ships.

Ways to obtain new content will be announced later.

Please note that all information in the development blog is preliminary. Announced adjustments and features may change multiple times during testing.

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