Holiday Ops Compensation (NA)

Seb: Several players have noted this error; that the received decorations from Large Boxes were sometimes duplicate.

In regards to the non-duplicate decoration error listed in our article explaining the Large Box mechanics, we’re going to credit 1,500 Shards and 1 Anti-Duplicator charge per Large Box purchased from the sale start to two hours after the article was corrected as compensation.

This issue only affected the Americas and was due to a miscommunication on our part where the wrong infographic was used.

We’re currently gathering all affected purchases and will have compensation sent out as soon as possible.

We appreciate your patience regarding this matter.

Source: NA portal

6 thoughts on “Holiday Ops Compensation (NA)

  1. It also happened on EU as well. But on EU nobody gets a compensation because they state no error existed. And people in Reddit confirmed that the typo was also in the EU webpage.

    So, don’t buy anything from WG until they compensate us.

  2. Im playing on eu, i bought 75 boxes of each collection. I got 40-47 different decorations for each collection. Now dont tell me there are no duplicates on EU!

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