9 thoughts on “WoT – Large Boxes 2022: What Premium Tanks Are Inside?

  1. Last year didn’t it reroll if you already had a tank? That video seems to say you now just get gold.

    1. From the WoT website it will only give you t8 premiums you don’t already have, and if you get all 5 it will give you gold compensation if you get more.

  2. So let me get this straight…
    You need 450 Pts total to get to level 10
    Filling the slots alone gets you 54 Pts
    Large Deco. gets you 20 Pts total
    if you get all “standard” items for 1 Collection, it gets you 140 Pts total
    If you collect all the items, it gives you a total of 568 Pts
    Which puts us 118 Pts over the total needed for level 10 (450 Pts)

    There are a total of 18 slots
    9 for the Tree. (1 tree topper, 2 Garlands/Lights, 4 Ornaments, and 2 Items below the Tree.) 9 for the Town, 4 for the Fair (A Building, a Food stand, Lights, and a Ride.) And 5 for the Town (A Snowman, Spotlights, Lights again, Fireworks, and another Building different than the Fair Building.)

    This means you have a higher chance of getting Duplicate items for 8 of the 18 total slots needed for 54 Pts. But wait there’s more. Since all items no longer have levels, this mean “ALL” items will give you 2 Pts total. (Except large Decos.)
    Meaning you’ll get 36 Pts for getting at least 1 item that is not a Duplicate of an existing item you already own, for all 18 slots.

    So you’ll only get 92 of the 450 Pts needed for level 10.
    And if it’s like all the other years, there are 2 different items for every item type. so every set will have 24 items total. Which will equal 140 pts, even though it really equals 48 Pts total if added properly, You’ll get a bonus of 92 Pts a complete set.

    There are 4 sets total and you can only buy 1 type of box of the 4 total themes per transaction. You cannot mix them. If you buy 25 boxes, which usually costs around the same price as a tier 8 premium heavy tank. You have to get 1 original item out of 25 (So 24 boxes out of 25, and not get Dupes.) you’ll only get 232 Pts of 450 needed for level 10 using only “Standard Items”, and with Large Decos, it gets you 252 Pts.

    Which gets you to Level 7, when compared to last year it got you around level 9, and with dupes, low level items (remember when we used to get 2 items a box!), and Small boxes. You could easily get to level 10 in the same day you bought those 25 boxes!

    With Dupes you could only make it to level 8 or 9 now. because Dupes for specific types and not Themes cost 1250 shards, and if it was like last year.
    “ALL” items when turned into shards will only give you 75% of the original value in Shards, so it equals 750 shards per item.

    1. Part 2

      So for 1 item it costs 2 Dupe Items. so if you get Dupes, you need at least 3 Dupes total out of 25 boxes to at least make a deficit of 500 shards per item. And Small boxes have a chance of dropping only 250 shards a box minimum. so you need at least 2 Small boxes to make up the difference.

      This is for only 1 of the 4 themes! You need to buy at least 50 boxes total! of 2 different types! to get to level 10! When it original only costed you about 30 to 35 boxes to get to level 10. if you only payed with real money.

      Yes I shit you not, because if you complete 1 theme. you only get 232 Pts!. You would have to buy 25 boxes of 2 different sets!

      2 different themes! You have to not get Dupes out of 48 boxes! And if you get Dupes… you have to sacrifice 4 boxes! (2 Large boxes to get Dupes, and 2 Smalls boxes to get the Shards.) to make at least 1 original item!

      And god forbid you play on multiple severs… (don’t get me started on the premiums and gold per box. I’ll talk about that bull later.)

      However… If you change one of the items you already own with another item of the same type that’s different than the one currently used. you get 1 Pt. Which is retarded because it goes against the original point of removing levels in the first place. Because you’ll have to remove those items, to get the extra points for the festive meter.

      what a load of bullshit I cant believe WeeGee did it, after 6 years they finally destroyed the best event they had going. This has to be the worst event I’ve seen yet. they’re literally conning you if buy this garbage.

      So if you actually care about your friends. Don’t give them garbage parcels, just buy them Halo Infinite on steam or give them money for a new card so they can upgrade their GPU before the market crashes for good, and a new GPU will cost the same price as a car and or a new house, and play before we all get shipped off to fight in some Baltic Bad land because Putin thinks he’s the reincarnation of Stalin and starts WW3… Or just buy them more chin diapers. Have a happy new year everyone 🙂

        1. Only the Large Decorations in the “decoder” cannot be duplicated. All items in your set of boxes can contain dupes of both items and tanks. Why would they add non duplication to items, when the point of making people buy lootboxes was to make people get Dupes so they can buy more boxes?! The only reason these lootboxes we’re good was because you got more than you would’ve gotten from other lootboxes out there.

          And even if that we’re the case. You still have to buy 2 sets of 25 boxes just to do the same as you we’re able to as last year with 1 set of 25. In fact if that we’re the case again it would be worse. Because you would’nt get any shards leftover to use for the missions and completing other sets.

          WTF is wrong with you?! Why are you defending WeeGee. A company whose been using short lists for their WoWS holiday boxes and most likely has been using short lists for the past holiday OPs events for WoT.

          1. There is nothing wrong with the fact, decorations received from large boxes can not be duplicated, unless you completed the set, they will drop in shards for “compensation”. I never said anything about wg is right, be cause they really fucked up with removal of level V decoration last year. In the last year if you are lucky, can get to level IV right after receive the level V deco in free small box.

            1. Where are you getting this info from? every where I look from the Video, the Site, the Reddit page, and the Forum. There’s nothing that states that the standard decorations you get will not drop again after completing the collection and it’ll automatically be turned into shards as comp for a dupe item.

              It only states that Duplicate decorations will give you 1 point. And based on the info provided by the video and site, they will only give you a point if you replace the existing placed item or place it in a slot that is “frozen”.

              it’s right there next to the star in “Boost Your Festive Atmosphere!” just go ctrl f and search duplicate it’s the 2nd result.

              Which is still bad because your still losing out compared to last year, you still need 3 total Dupe items and 3 small boxes. (I was wrong there, as small boxes can only drop 200 minimum not 250, surprising you didn’t point me out there, if your willing to argue with me, acting on Weegee’s defense by acting “witty” and lying to people when I’m trying to help people avoid being conned by this bull. Because if your on my “side” why are you attempting to destroy my argument with fallacy claims.)

              Personally I would understand the humor, but considering this is the only event that kept me going on in playing this shit game. And it’ll make people pay upwards to 100$ per account for something that only costed half of that originally, in this Covid economy. I don’t understand why your taking Weegee’s side.

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