7 thoughts on “🇨🇿 ShPTK-TVP 100 In-game Pictures

  1. In wt, if you have less ammo with you, the turret is empty and the rack chance greatly reduced.

    Would be cool to have
    German tanks certainly could use less ammo in turrets….

    1. you are mistaken, in WT the ammo located in the turret IS the first to be fired, however if you stop shooting the crew will take ammo from other ammo racks and place it in the one located in the turret for easy access

      so basically after 20 or 30 seconds without firing a round, the turret will no longer be empty of ammo

    1. Gun collides with the hull, it’s why stuff like the wt pz4 has shit gun depression over the front while having pretty good gun depression over the sides and rear

    2. 2 reasons

      1) the gun is mounted “low” in the turret (relatively close to the hull)

      2) the thing below the barrel is a housing for the shock-absorbers from the recoil mechanism, that saves space inside the turret and does offer protection BUT it reduces how much it can PHISICALLY depress until it hits the hull of the tank

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