Supertest – WZ-114 (Tier 9) (Initial Stats)

The changes to the Chinese WZ-114 heavy tank go to the closed Supertest stage.

Compared to the previous round of testing, the tank has undergone many changes, and the vehicle is now tested at Tier IX.

It has a 130 mm gun with 530 hit points of damage per shot. Its standard Armor-Piercing shell penetrates 266 mm of armour, while a special HEAT shell penetrates 311 mm. The aiming time is 3.6 s, reload time is 17 s.

The vehicle retains its distinctive feature—good accuracy of 0,33 m, which allows for aiming conveniently at an enemy’s weak spots, and delivering fire from the distance.

Maximum speed is 33 km/h, specific power is 12.1 h.p./t.

The turret front armour reaches 300 mm, while the hull armour reaches 140 mm. General durability is high and comprises 2,300 hit points. Combined with good frontal armour, this will let the tank improve its lifetime on the battlefield.

The WZ-114 remains a heavy tank with strong frontal armour, unremarkable speed characteristics, but excellent accuracy for heavy tanks. The main combat tactics haven’t changed: head-on, preferably with some support from your allies who won’t let enemy mobile tanks outflank you, or force you into a manoeuvre battle. Good final accuracy unlocks a relatively rare opportunity for heavy tanks to confidently fight at medium and long distances.

Additional Stats

Dispersion during turret rotation – 0.3
Gun dispersion during hull movement – 0.3
Gun dispersion during hull traverse – 0.3
Dispersion after shot – 7
Shell Velocity – 1271/960/920
Terrain Resistances – 1.1/1.2/2.5

14 thoughts on “Supertest – WZ-114 (Tier 9) (Initial Stats)

    1. btw 1870 DPM base. below average but not horrid. Also each shot will go in most likely.
      APCR standard… 0.33… that pen of 266… yeah

      1. WG’s philosophy with the T9 premium tanks seems more akin to how it used to be with the T8 premiums; competent but not OP. At least for now.

        1. IMHO that’s a good thing. Tier 9 premiums are already controversial for some players, making them balanced is a good way to introduce the concept to the live servers and allow most people to adapt to them.

  1. Now this thing is interesting. Previously it seemed like completely pointless, redundant crap compared to the 113-II or whatever it was called.

  2. Given that the marathon begins in about a week I’m not sure this will be the tank for it (not enough time to test it, unless they go at it nonstop). If it were though it would make a nice Christmas present, even at maximum price Tier 9 premium tanks cost about 10 euros more than an unbundled Tier 9 premium ship in World of Warships.

  3. Nobody see what those on-the-move dispersion numbers are =))))
    If those numbers stay the same when this thing goes live, I won’t give a sh*t.
    Impenetrable for f.sake if you can’t hit your shots? Especially when your base aim time is horrible 3.6s.
    You move a tiny bit, your reticle blooms out like crazy, then you wait 7s to fully aim.
    0.33 base accuracy matters? Grille 15 would love to say hi =))))

      1. 114 has even worse soft stats than T34, if you don’t know jackshit about soft stats, please shut the fuck up

          1. T34 is a big piece of shit, but this thing will be even a shitter one.
            140mm WZ hull thickness is nothing special at tier 9.
            The turret has a fairly large cupola.
            That’s it, you need to spend your whole life aiming while your opponents already smash you at your weakspots and fall back into covers.
            Feel free to do whatever you want with your imagination =))))

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