WoT EU: Daily Deals

PS: I have noticed you can get free garage slots. Check out the site here. And the AFK Panther is also available for purchase, that is if you get lucky.

Daily Deals are back in an updated format and feature a new variety of valuable in-game goodies! Every day from November 17 through November 24, you can pick up five cards and receive a personal offer for rare Premium vehicles, popular styles, pieces of equipment, and other useful items. Many of them will be available with a discount of up to 50%, so don’t miss your chance to get the items you’ve long dreamed of!

Daily Deals

November 17 at 07:00 CET – November 24 at 07:00 CET (UTC+1)

How It Works

1. Log in via the special page, available from November 17 at 07:00 CET through November 24 at 07:00 CET (UTC+1), or log in directly in the Wargaming.net Game Center.

2. Every day, you can pick up five cards with valuable in-game items. One of them will be an offer for credits, while another two offers will be for gold. You will also receive one offer for real money. Finally, one of the five cards will always contain a free item. And all you need to do is log in and claim it all! You can only purchase each card once a day. Visit the page every day throughout the event to get 35 different offers, including seven free ones!

3. You can choose which offers to purchase and which ones to skip. But remember that each offer is only valid for 24 hours and will be updated at 07:00 CET (UTC+1) the next day. After that, the offer will no longer be available. So, log in and make your choice—but think wisely before selecting!

Offer Categories

All Daily Deals offers are divided into three categories, depending on their rarity:

  • Common offers: In-game items that every commander needs.
  • Uncommon offers: Items that are not rare, but their price can be very attractive.
  • Rare offers: If you’re lucky, you can pick up a card with a rare Premium vehicle, popular 2D or 3D style, or some other coveted items.

Items from different categories drop randomly, so visit the page every day—you just might get the rarest offers, which could even include Premium vehicles for credits.


When purchasing a Premium vehicle or a 2D or 3D style for a particular vehicle that you already have for gold or credits, you will receive compensation in credits that is equal to 50% of the item’s cost.

When purchasing a Premium vehicle or a 2D or 3D style for a particular vehicle that you already have for real money, you will receive a refund in gold proportionate to the discounts on each particular offer.

Choose your lucky cards, Commanders!

16 thoughts on “WoT EU: Daily Deals

  1. I hope for a few rarities.
    122TM perhaps? It fires slow AF but the dmg, pen and whatnot should make it rather interesting as sniper

      1. I played Löwe when the transmission was front center lower plate.
        Every-shot- was engine…

        Also, despite many complaining about this and other tanks, i rarely if ever have fires.
        1 in 100 battles? perhaps even 200? basically only if autoloaders shoot an odd spot…

        I use AutoFireEx which not just put it out right away, but also reduce the chance greatly
        It says 10% and it doesn’t mean 10% of X fire chance, but X fire chance – (minus) 10%…

        So if you had 15% fire chance you now have a 5% fire chance.
        This is my experience in uhhhhh 34142 battles.

        I think many misunderstand it.

        also this tank is a collectors thing and i -ofc- would play it as sniper.
        A DPM this shit cant go front. It just couldn’t trade with anyone ever…


    1. IS-2M for 5.5M credits, Type 62 for 5Million credits and Panzer B2 for 750K credits.

      People say the Strv 42-57, Type 64 and Panzer V/IV are here too but nobody could confirm it yet.

  2. @Seb
    Kind of disapointed in you/the website. Reddit does a better job in getting informations about the game/this “event”.
    But oh well, everything has an expire date i guess.

    1. I know, he should feel bad for not living up to your standards when providing a free service with trustworthy sources.

      I guess good old Reddit and Wikipedia are whats considered common knowledge these days

    2. I’ll make up for it in December. No time to post anything but the essential right now. Life is super busy at the moment, unfortunately I have to take care of the family farm too. I miss old TAP too!

  3. STRV M 42 57 + SURSTRÖMING camo – 3.5mil creds

    Obj274A + galaxy camo for 7500 gold

    3D Frettchen camo for borsig 1875 gold

  4. i saw someone said that the panzer iv/v could be in these deals, i dont think it could be true but if it would make myself from years ago very happy to finally have one

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