8 thoughts on “πŸ‡¨πŸ‡³ WZ-114 In-game Pictures

    1. It’s a fake tank, alongside the WZ-113-II. Neither the 114, the WZ-113-II nor the 114 SP2 are real tanks, prototypes, blueprints nor concepts

      1. OMG it looks ugly

        What’s with WG Chinese tanks and big turret lately. The RB reward TD is also a huge turret.

    2. What year do you think this is? Living under a rock?

      WG has been adding fake tanks to wot since the beginning, starting with hole fillers in the tech trees. The last 6 years they’ve added entire lines of complete fakes. In the last 3-4 years they’ve added entire nations of all fakes above the low tiers.

      I ask again, where have you been?

      1. Not sure where he’s been but I sure know where he is headed – off to the re-education camps.

    3. This is totally WG creation.
      While spend no effort finding informations, WG devotes its energy to fake premium tanks.
      There are huge amont of mistakes with Chinese techtree, however there is no chance that they could be fixed. The only true tanks on the Chinese techtree are Type 97 Chi-ha, M5A1 Stuart, IS-2, Type 59 and Type 62. Also there is T-34-85s, but they have never been called Type 58. All tanks with prefix “WZ” are wrong since this prefix have not been used until the start of 1980s.

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