Supertest: KV-1 Screened and T3 Convertible (Initial Stats)

We have two vehicles that will soon head to the Supertest:
  • KV-1Sh
  • T3 Convertible

The KV-1Sh is a Tier V Soviet heavy tank. It looks like the familiar KV-1, but with additional screens on the turret and hull. It carries a 76mm F-32 gun with an accuracy of 0.51, an aiming time of 2.9s, and a reload time of 3.9s. Penetration is 120mm with a standard APCR shell, and 150mm with a special APCR shell. The damage per shot is 110HP.
One of the tank’s distinctive features is its durability. It has 950HP, which is the highest value for its tier. The thickness of the frontal armour plate reaches up to 75 mm and the frontal projection of the turret is up to 90mm.
Engine power is 500 h.p. and the top speed of the vehicle is 30km/h. All this makes the KV-1Sh is a classic close-range Soviet heavy tank.
The T3 Convertible is a Tier III American medium tank. Equipped with a 37mm automatic gun with 2 containers, each shot fires 4 shells, it has an accuracy of 0.51, a full reload time of 12s, and an aiming time of 2.5s. Penetration is 48mm with the standard AP shell, and 70mm with the special APCR shell. The damage per shot is 40 HP.
You can fill in the forms to help give us more feedback on these tanks:
T3 Convertible Form – LINK
KV-1 Screened Form – LINK

10 thoughts on “Supertest: KV-1 Screened and T3 Convertible (Initial Stats)

  1. I was wondering why the Yank T3 convertible appears to be a BT2 or something. Its because the BT series where based on the Christie design which was American.

    1. “Christie” is the name of the suspension made by John Walter Christie. The BT series suspension was based on the American Christie suspension but there is no tank in the US Army that served as a base for the soviet BT tanks.

      1. Well, the T3 and the BT-2 are more or less from the same year, from what I gathered in wikipedia. So the BT-2 would partially be based on some of christie’s prototypes, as would the T1, T2 and T3 be (afaik).

  2. There was a time when I would have been delighted to get an American Christie tank in the game. As it is, I have 4 months of premium time left and I’m going to need a really good reason to get more.

  3. Oh wow not content with filling high tiers with auto loaders WG now want to fill low tiers.
    Fuck you wg

  4. The capitalist BT will be a favourite of statpadding clubbers, just what new players need…

    1. What new players?
      New players get separate queue now.
      So only seal clubbers will meet other seal clubbers like you……,…..

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