August Prime Gaming Drop: Summer Vibes Bundle

This is the introductory content of the new Prime Gaming Pack.

Dream Vacation MedalA unique medal bundled with Prime Gaming.

“Aloha Shirt” style set

– Unique style bundled with Prime Gaming.

18 thoughts on “August Prime Gaming Drop: Summer Vibes Bundle

  1. Lol, what a muppet.
    Sounds like one of those “I call my lawyer”-persons, who don’t even have one…

  2. Seb, Zephir, please don’t delete the comment from the idiot of Zorro. I have contacted the Support Team of Wargaming and i am showing them all the proofs i find on the web where this spam is. I need it to stay so they see it is real, and also because the players from that retard clan are menacing people in the EU servers like mad. Also they are spamming their nonsensical messages on Reddit and Twitter, and it’s helping me getting more proofs against this idiots. Thanks for your help.

    1. Was wondering the same. Until now at least every other prime bundle had a commander. I guess Crew 2.0 is coming closer. So why give them away now, wehn they can sell them later.

      1. Pretty much that. Wargaming are probably planning to make loads and loads of cash with commanders once they have forced crew 2.0 upon us.

  3. No Commander AGAIN?
    jeez WG

    Just fuck your shity Premium Tank Rentals this seems to be the ONLY reason we still have Prime Gaming with Amazon
    ((Oh yes nearly forgot a 1Day of Premium account Wow! push the boat out WG why don’t you (not

    Amazon get fuck all out of this same as there customers, 4 more shit Premiums Vehicles to “Rent” of which WG shits hope we get our Credit Cards out and spend €€ well no! fuck you

    Amazon Prime is £7.99 month and we get from WG 1x Stupid Clown Gay camo THATS It!!!

    CYNICAL money grabbing WG plain and simple

      1. you must be a complete Dickhead yes? millions and millions of people have Amazon Prime as part of there Amazon account me for its 1 day delivery this for years before way WG got involved ~ its a collaboration between Amazon and WG which is a nice extra >> then along comes a 17 yr old with a flappy big gob with a troll comment because you can, lol and lol indeed Nyle big gob

  4. No wonder everyone quit this game!
    WG use money laundering company in Ukraine to steal your bank details.
    Jingles proved it lol
    So long suckers

    1. He proved what? All he did was mention that the company thru with WG transactions go is being investigated for money laundering. Where is the proof you speak of???

      1. If you have to ask then get to know.
        If you don’t know after reading then what can I say. Turn off your internet.

      2. Jingles proved nothing, he merely mentioned that the company in Ukraine Wargaming uses to process payments are under investigation for money laundering (no mention about stealing bank details, though; that part is utter crap). Not saying that the accusations regarding money laundering are not true, mind, but there is no proof of any kind yet.

        What IS true is that a sizeable number of Wargaming employees have been found to more or less bought ‘golden’ EU passports in Cyprus, which is obviously illegal: . Also, their head of Financial Operations, Andrew Tinney, who used to work for Barclays Wealth, was banned by the Financial Conduct Authority for misconduct. To be fair, the ban was later reversed, but still … Let’s put it this way – the whole company seems a bit shady, so I would not be surprised at all if the accusations regarding money laundering were true.

    1. That is an interesting article, thank you for sharing. Would not be surprised at all if all mentioned accusations would turn out to be true; let’s not forget, though, that the investigation is still ongoing. Btw, the exact nature of the relationship between Global Money and Wargaming is not clear from the article; apparently a number of high-profile employees of WG were involved, but Global Money – the main culprit, apparently – is an independent payment service provider which according their website ( serves many customers, including, among others, VISA and Ubisoft. Not sure how credible that is given the background news and also the state of the website (Some links still feature “Lorem ipsum”-default texts … lol). All in all a pretty intriguing story, and Global Money definitely stink to high heavens.

      In other news: The fact remains that Jingles merely mentioned the investigation rather than providing details, let alone proof. And nobody said anything about stealing customer bank details, aforementioned article included.

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