Supertest: Caliban (Initial Stats)

Today, the Caliban, a British Tier VIII heavy tank, is coming to the closed Supertest.

The main feature of the vehicle is its 2-shell 150mm autoloader gun. Its standard HE shells cause 950 HP of damage and are capable of penetrating as much as 180 mm of armor. The special AP shell causes 650 HP of damage and has a penetration value of 292 mm. Its gun has an accuracy of 0.6, an aiming time of 7 s, and low shell velocity. The reloading time of the full magazine is 25 s, and the reloading time between shells in the magazine is 10 s.

The thickness of the frontal turret armor can reach 250 mm, and the vehicle’s durability is 1,500 HP. It has a top speed of 30 km/h, and a specific power of 23.4 h.p./t.

The high damage per shot and the 2-shell magazine make the Caliban a vehicle most suited to close-range combat. Its high damage per shot allows it to trade HP at a high rate, striking fear into its enemies. However, taking full advantage of the vehicle requires certain game skills from the commander.

As we are always trying to improve our feedback gathering methods and quality, we would like to ask you to use, for the first time, this short form to send us your feedback on the Caliban or any other tank that might come on the Supertest. If many of you find the feedback forms useful, we may continue using them in the future.


The technical characteristics are not final.

Thank you in advance and roll out!

43 thoughts on “Supertest: Caliban (Initial Stats)

  1. There are all kinds of WRONGS in this tier 8 premium vehicles balance.
    Idiotically high aim time combined with brokenly high pen+alpha HE damage. It is just wrong, wrong on both ends of the “broken spectrum”.

      1. Same here. Wargaming seems to believe that you all you need to do is to counter one extreme with another extreme in order to create a balanced vehicle, but it simply isn’t as easy as that.

  2. 950 alpha, AP premium rounds, 2 shot autoloader with 10 second intraclip, 7 second aim time, 0.6 accuracy
    theres a lot to take in here

    1. “Of particular interest in the new project weapons represented the third type of projectile. The caliber 160 mm gave an increase in the volume inside the projectile, and for this reason, the designers proposed to develop a special weapon with a low-power nuclear charge. Unfortunately, there is no detailed information about such a shot. Apparently, the nuclear projectile for the “Kaliban” has not left the stage of discussion of the possibility of its creation.”

      holy shit lmao

    1. Two tier 6 tank kills in one clip. One fully clip to destroy a tier 8 meduim if roll high. That alpha damage is Conway bl5.5 level should be tier 9.

  3. Please, just dont!
    You go facehug anything you want, empty the clip and the poor soul is gone.

    This thing is broken as hell!

  4. There’s so many wrongs here it leaves no room for error nor uncertainty as for the whereabouts of this concept’s origin.

  5. Interesting tank like a pre nerf KV 2 on tier 8

    Dont look op autoloader is pretty useless with this intra reload
    Mobility pretty useless with this maxspeed
    And gun is only for 10 m encounters
    Even the he 180 mm pen wont work very well with these gunstats and the other is pretty weak in alpha

    Based on the armor if this tank will be a decent or a good t8

    1. Honestly it’s most likely gonna be shit, but it’ll be funny like how the kv5 is shit but everyone still plays it. It might be a bit annoying, but honestly the 703ii does everything this tank can, minus the 1900 average clip potential if you pen an HE clip, but better.

      1. “kv5 is shit but everyone still plays it”
        funnily the kv5 has been taken from the giftshop roundabout 6 years ago but they still swarm the MM like crazy. when will it stop?!?

  6. The taliban jokes make themselves. 😛

    Seriously though, this is just bad design. We’ve learned by now that broken tanks are as bad for the game as OP tanks, and the Taliban here is the very definition of broken.

    Now imagine if this thing was made before the HE nerfs lol… so many oneshots.

      1. He (or she) is one of those SJW who sees racism everywhere , and then attacks you, just to feel better and pretend that he (she) is a good person. Maybe we should carve him (her) a statue 😀

          1. Go back to twatter, snowflake, and don’t forget to put your pronouns on bio

              1. !? I could pretend that i understood what you said , but it will be a lie .

    1. I imagine with the ne HE abillity to pen tracks it might be even better now than before. Sure you wouldnt get 400 alpha non pen HE dmg for each shot but getting more reliable pens is better. Then again with accuracy it would hurt alot to miss the pen shot and do 0 damage on russia gun mantlet …

  7. Can’t wait to see the AwesomeEpicGuys play this tank together. The meme tank with those meme guys would be me match made in heaven.

  8. 7s and 0.6!?
    rubs eyes
    uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so this is a sniper? Why is it a HEAVY tanks then!? (and not a td or so)

    ………. how are you supposed to brawl or? i mean it does have armor? so can it only defensively act?
    i am so confused

    1. Legit a meme tank and I can’t wait to get it, it’ll be so stupid and shit that it’ll be funny.

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