August 13 Micropatch

A short message from the Customer Service Department:

World of Tanks servers will be unavailable on 8/13/2021 for approximately 25 minutes: Both servers from 06:30 CEST. We appreciate your patience and understanding. Customer Service

4 thoughts on “August 13 Micropatch

  1. They finally remove SPGs!?

    Despite Bright orange racers they can’t counter fire.
    Unless to literally ruin my mission and kill steal

    1. Ammm in 1.13 they almost removed artys… A lot of games (like 50%) I have 0 artys and another 20% are with only 1 arty per team

  2. How to solve problems like wheeled vehicles in game WG style?
    Answer: introduce tier 8 and higher with 1000 damage burst 😀

  3. They introduced s new bug that says your ping is 300 to 999 and the news article says nah it’s just a number no lags
    Bollocks is a huge lag for everyone. Which is why servers are only 21k players lol

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