WoT: New Marathon Coming Soon

According to wotclue, we can expect a new challenge (marathon) for a Tier 8 Premium tank at the end of August. The announcement of the challenge should appear in the second half of August, and the start of the event is scheduled for August 20 or 27.

No other major details so far.

24 thoughts on “WoT: New Marathon Coming Soon

  1. My guess would be Charlemagne…I can’t imagine them featuring the new T8 Czech premium heavy after they sold the T7 for a silly amount of bonds.

  2. I don’t have the time to win tanks for free, but I’ll be damned if I give any more money to WG, even if it’s only a couple of Euros. In other words: I don’t give a fuck.

      1. Because you say so? I think you might just a little overestimate your own importance. By a good 100%, it would appear.

        1. I think you want to say that he is not important. However, the way you said it just means he thinks he is twice as important as he is.

          Also, he is right. If you truly didn’t care, why would you waste time on commenting on the article let alone read it?

  3. On an other site they say that Skoda T56 will be on sale in US from 11 till 23 August, I think that will be the Marathon

  4. There are several candidates. My first guess would be the Skoda T 56 since the Czech HT branch is going live with 1.14, but if it’s scheduled for the end of August it seems a bit late…

    Maybe it will be something else, e.g. Charlemagne or the Astron Rex?

  5. Hyping us for a while makes any tank likely

    Leak clues and watch players trample another at the checkout

  6. All players = complain about crew 2.0 and threaten to quit.
    Free tank marathon = all players = I’m not quitting yet
    This is why WG don’t care because they’ll always be paying players.

    1. People quit games when they quit. That said, the American WoT community contributor 4Tanks&Dog noted that WG has the problem that they flooded the game with ways to get XP and are now trying to put the genie back in the bottle. Maybe WG’s “solutions” make me walk away, but I expect to hang around for awhile to watch the chaos. With all the real problems in the world you just can’t take it too personally.

  7. i quit after ebr’s. i was a light tank player and they destroyed my games.

  8. Perhaps it’s the WZ 113 new premium thing? Probably not since we don’t have an HD model for it yet. If it’s the Astron Rex I’ll probably grind it. If it’s the T56 or Charlemagne then nah

  9. It won’t be the Czech heavy tank.

    The tank is on sale 11 August and the Czech line will be released around 10-11 August.

    1. The tank is on sale 11 August and the Czech line will be released around 10-11 August.

      I have read this before in the comments, is there any source that validates this or are people throwing numbers around?

  10. I’d guess that the Skoda and Rex will be Christmas Loot Box exclusive, and we’ll get the leftovers.

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