4 thoughts on “WoT – New WoT Maps: Recon Mission

  1. i will be extremely pissed if these are event only maps. how many years has it been since we have had an origional map (not like snow himmelsdorf and ruinberg on fire, and not removed then reintroduced)

    1. We got studz with the 60tp, berlin and minsk some patches ago, mostly map reworks which helped make some maps like ruinburg feel less shit, and made minsk one of the best maps in the game, so couple things involving maps has happened over the last year or two.

      As for are these gonna be event maps, no they’re probably gonna get added to the random queue soon enough. Hopefully wg also makes more grand battle maps too, now that arty is less garbage, seeing 4 of them a game is less aids in that mode.

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