WoWS: Updated “Daily rewards” & Update 0.10.5, balance changes

In version 0.10.3 we’ve updated the “Daily shipments”. It is now called “Daily rewards” and has been moved to the player menu section of the port.

Every day, just by logging into the game, you will receive rewards, among which you will find:

  • 1 Supercontainer
  • 1 Day of Warships premium account
  • 1,200 coal
  • 100 doubloons
  • 8 daily containers

You can obtain one reward per day, and there are 24 in total. If you collect them all, every next day until the end of the month you will receive an additional reward – 750 free XP. Rewards are updated monthly.

If you don’t click the Collect Reward button, the reward is collected automatically at the start of a new 24-hour period.

Launch the game – collect all available rewards in June. Good luck in battle, commanders!


Changes will be applied to Hyuga, Flint and Cristoforo Colombo.

Having analyzed combat performance and taken player feedback into account, we’ve changed the characteristics of several ships. These changes were required in order to carefully adjust the balance of the mentioned warships. As usual, we’ll monitor the impact of the changes and the general balance of the ships and apply changes if deemed necessary.

VII Hyūga

  • Main battery reload time increased from 28 to 29 s.

VII Flint

  • Main battery firing range increased from 11.9 to 12.4 km.

X Cristoforo Colombo

  • Main battery reload time reduced from 38 to 37 s.
  • 180 degrees turn time of main battery turrets reduced from 40 to 38.3 s.

Please note that all information in the development blog is preliminary. Announced adjustments and features may change multiple times during testing.

2 thoughts on “WoWS: Updated “Daily rewards” & Update 0.10.5, balance changes

    1. I’m hoping it takes at least 4 more weeks for 10.6, I want to free xp the Friesland. I know they’re coming out with the Gronigen but that ship has a dumb sounding name. Friesland sounds like a happy place, or at least tasty. 🙂

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