WoT: Steel Hunter Stage 4 Has Begun

The fourth stage of Steel Hunter has started, it will last from today (7 june) to Sunday included (13 june).

You can earn up to 20 BP points in a match, and up to 40 per day from missions:

  1. Deal 8,000 damage over any number of Steel Hunter battles (gives 20 Battle Pass points);

  2. Get 4 kills over any number of Steel Hunter battles (gives 20 Battle Pass points).

The season will end with this stage. The following BP season will have only the new „Recon Mission” and Frontline modes.

14 thoughts on “WoT: Steel Hunter Stage 4 Has Begun

          1. Again, it doesnt say that. Those are screens from the test server.
            Look at the Random Battles screen it says the same – a range of tiers.
            Some paki blog speculating doesnt mean shit.

            1. JOhn DOe’s response is about the speculation related to Frontline as we have no idea if tier 8s have to fight tier 9s in the same MM or if the 2 tiers are being separated in MM. hence his use of “If they” this means he’s not assured, as we have no real idea on how this year’s frontline will work beyond the image leak.

              Spack_Head (and you too), the tards they are. Responded that the article doesn’t say that and insulted JOhn DOe. (and you insulted me with an awful response, missing the point.)

              Also I said “tier 9s possibly appearing in Frontline.” meaning I’m taking those pics with a grain of salt as well. but because of the fact that these pics were taken on the test servers adds to it’s legitimacy. And I highly doubt Seb would post that article without the proper disclosure of those images being possibly fake. after all we had this issue happen before just recently relating to frontline info.

              Also the article about Frontline, the one I linked, clearly states that tier 9 tanks “MAY” play a role in the next battle pass. and that role being available for use in Frontline to gather battle pass points as well as Random MM. (Hence why it states VIII-IX for Frontline, and VI-X in Random MM.)

              Jesus is this why the player base has such a low W/R? because they’re too stupid to understand anything, so all they do is just insult each other and make themselves look like jackasses on random blogs and forums, all because they couldn’t F**king READ!?

              Man the WoWS community is better than this lol.

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