3 thoughts on “WoT Blitz – Tanks from Warhammer 40,000 Have Arrived on the Battlefield!

  1. We’re now at a point in WoT where I would fully support the introduction of these vehicles. If 40k SciFi tanks or Czech or Italian SciFi tanks, where’s the difference? There is none.

    1. true. history and any reason or attachment to the reality of engineering are out the window anyway, thanks to WG.
      I cared about the game up until two years ago. now it’s a free-for-all crazy shit milikfest anyway.

      PS: I’ll rather have tanks from Leman Russ and Vindicator to the Mammoth Tanks Mk I and Mk II (that Mech one) than the current goldspam, arty madness and WV insanity.

  2. Blitz is far more open than classic WoT so they can afford adding these vehicles, but the last time they tried in classic WoT it was for the Valkyria Chronicles collab with Edelweiss and IIRC Nameless or whatever, and those never made out of SEA (and even then, at least the EU community raged at the prospect of such tanks running around).

    Personally, as long as they’re balanced I don’t mind fictional tanks. The problem comes with the balancing part, because WG showed time and again that they can fuck up big time in that department, especially if the finished product brings them money.

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