Battle Pass Season 5: Style Sets

This is what the style sets from the upcoming season 5 of the Battle Pass look like. All are multiseason styles awarded at a specific Battle Pass stage:


Southern Wind

Uranium Vein

9 thoughts on “Battle Pass Season 5: Style Sets

    1. You have some serious problems if your baby pooping in this color, especially like in the first one

      1. The corrosion camo looks like a baby took a shit. Stop licking all the scraps that WG throws at you.

        1. There is nothing being licked at all my friend. I just stated your comparison sucks. I didn’t say I liked or disliked it. If you think that babies can poop in neon green uranium-ish color, you have to see a doctor. Please inform me which part of my previous comment made you think that I liked these skins.

  1. Battle Pass seems like it’s gotten a pretty big nerf compared to last year. You should be able to get at least 1 bounty equipment with the free pass, if they want to give out more for paid pass that’s fine. So far not too impressed with the 2d styles for 2021, Armroed Concrete and Amphibious Warfare from last year’s final Battle Pass were a lot better IMO and the green camo net one, Karkanos or something, was good too. Is there an archive of all the different styles and camos in WOT somewhere?

  2. The uranium one looks pretty appropriate for the shitbarn, the FV 183 and the Conqueror Gun Carrier. 😛

  3. The first one fits perfectly to the game. It looks like a mixture of AIDS and cancer.

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