6 thoughts on “Supertest: Videos of Japort, Last Frontier, Dalny and Zhou Ravine Maps

  1. First map looks quite fine to me. Differents ways to approach, different levels (underground, higher grounds). Lacks maybe a few bushes for lights.
    On the opposite second map seems dull and very small. The usual 3 zone fight, the central zone dominates, meeh. It’s like a second Mine. Not what i like.
    Third map also feels meeeh.
    Fourth is a bit better than the 2 previous. But still seems small.
    What do you think?

  2. More new broken maps, just like all soviet made shit. Ghost town wasnt enough, complete stupid broken map, congratulations WG , WoT is completely rigged and broken…

    1. And yet…. we all still play it. Then agian most people that do complain about borken maps, are the same that beg for old maps back. Inc the most broken of all time that won 72% of the matches from the west base. And I doubt none of these are as bad as South Coast.

  3. Complaint how much you want… You will play it anyway! Like if WG gives a sh*t about what you all say regarding the maps…. All they see are “stats”. They don’t care about the players experience…

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