WoT: May Daily Deals Coming Soon


Daily offers will return in May, and the event itself will not differ much from the formula we know from the previous November event.

-Grab four postcards to view personalized offers, daily between May 12 and 19.
-Grab the postcards and discover 4 exclusive offers!
-What’s on the other side?
-Every day between May 12 and 19
-The next delivery is in:
-Dedicated tab in the Store.

8 thoughts on “WoT: May Daily Deals Coming Soon

  1. Hoping for any deal that’ll be actually decent instead if the typical scam deals.

  2. WOT is dead, why are u still paying for their overpriced products ?
    i mean are u noobs or what , 50 euro for a pixel tank in a dead game ?

    1. Community is huge.
      How can you Say is dead when there are over 100k players late in the day.
      He should be dead at maximum of 20-30k players on at a time.

      1. I come from a period of 500.000 minimum players per day from 2011 till now
        And from a time when a match duration at tier 5 back then equal a tier 10 nowdays
        World of Tanks is a dead game still ongoing
        It would not be long till they will close this game with warplanes

  3. You dont have to buy anything, just play the game. I have a lot of friends who doesnt spend a cent in this game.

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