8 thoughts on “WoT – May the RNG Be With You!

  1. Star Wars sucks these days, I wouldn’t try to attach my brand to it if I were WOT.

      1. The Mandolorian was the only thing Star Wars still had going for it but they lost me when they fired Gina for making a completely valid comparison which ironically just proved her point. Honestly Star Wars was never that great of a franchise anyway. You’ve got 4 good movies, 2 decent seasons of a tv show and 2 decent cartoons against 9 bad movies and 2 cheesy cartoons. There’s actually a lot more bad content than good content and these days it’s just a propaganda firehose.

  2. Another new mode that nobody asked for. Just bring back Frontline ffs

    1. LOL. What’s also interesting is that they’re now selling the Empire, literally conceived of as Space Nazis, to kids as a valid life choice they might want to make.

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