World of Tanks Released on Steam

The reviews are mostly negative, because players can’t use their previous account.


April 29, 2021 — Wargaming announces its flagship title, World of Tanks, on Steam. Starting today, regular PC versions of players and Steam users will be able to fight side by side in immersive PvP battles known for the legendary F2P strategic shooter. The Steam version is only available for new accounts, but it has everything the World of Tanks PC offers. (Seb: apparently with an exploit you can play on Steam with your WG account. Just copy your non-Steam WoT folder into the Steam WoT folder. Also the Steam version has an interesting functionality, log in 7 days in a row, play a battle each day and get rewards – WT style.)

“From April 30 through May 3, all Steam players will receive a x4 XP multiplier for the first victory each day in each vehicle,” the devs announce in a Steam blog post. “During the initial stage of the game, this bonus will help you quickly research vehicle branches, train crews, increase crew performance, and improve battle results.”

Players will experience realistic graphics and sounds created to recreate the gritty feel of tank battles, master five different vehicle types to promote balanced and exciting gameplay, and around the world. Skills in various game modes to explore unique maps based on battlefields and cities, and challenge teamwork and individual tactics.

And thanks to Tanker’s enthusiastic fan base, it has won four Golden Joystick Awards and two Guinness World Records for most players logged on to the MMO server at the same time.

“Wargaming’s greatest pride is in creating games that players have loved and enjoyed for over a decade. We have brought people from all over the world, and the strength of our community is unmatched. I think World of Tanks is more than just a game, it’s become a real hobby for millions of players, and it will be in the coming decades, “said Victor Kislyi, CEO of Wargaming. I will. “It’s always great to see our game grow and embrace new players, so we’re proud to welcome the Steam community to the tanker family!”

For the first time, Steam players will be able to master hundreds of vehicles, hone their tanking tactics and skills, and experience the unique battles of World of Tanks.

“We are very pleased to work with Wargaming to welcome World of Tanks to Steam and introduce this amazing game to the Steam community. It’s a great time to jump into a tank and take part in the battle!” Valve’s business Development manager Nathaniel Blue said.


8 thoughts on “World of Tanks Released on Steam

  1. Look at the reviews on its Steam page.
    Well, I can’t say I’m surprised.

    1. Just to give me a clue, why would I want to transfer my exsisting WOT account to STEAM? I am really interested, as I do not know what would be the advantage …

      1. It would be 1 less launcher if you already use Steam, also, maybe in future they make some funcionality to steam market along wot (imagine getting bored of some premium tank and decide to sell it to someone else for money)

        1. I see your 1st point (even if it shines of not much importance to my personal preferences), but the latter one will not happen (selling of tanks to other players), which to some extent is even good (no hodden black market …).

      2. You can’t, they won’t allow it, is just for fresh accounts. Is a greedy and stupid move.

  2. I would like to try the workaround non-steam to steam folder copy, but I’d rather not because I’m unsure that this does not violate the EULA.

  3. I dont want these steam players on my EU servers.
    I want proper WoT players!

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