WoT 2.0 Leaked Footage (TAP Exclusive)

UPDATE 26 January: Watch the video above, it’s been reuploaded.

I have read certain comments recently, saying that we do not provide original leaks anymore. However, thanks to a certain Portuguese source with contacts at WG, we managed to get a hold of these videos. You can find them here:

Google Drive link

Please download and reupload them everywhere before they get taken down by WG!

I uploaded them on Dailymotion if you don’t want to download the files above (password is 123):

video 1 – garage, night battles, and premium A10 strike
video 2 – crappy armor system, shooting machine gun though holes made by main gun
video 3 – helicopters in battle
video 4 – night mode
video 5 – ready rack on Merkava

Video 5 in depth description:

„This is the ready rack, it shows how many rounds are in the ready rack, so every time we fire (the video is sped up), it will go through the ready rack rounds first, after it is done pulling rounds from the ready rack, you can notice that the rate of fire slows way down. Now, the vehicle is doing nothing, the loader will try to fill up the ready rack again, so he can continue doing burst fire. So this kind of differentiates manually loaded vehicles compared to autoloaders which have always a consistent rate of fire; a ready rack can work in bursts.”

The one who sent me the videos also told me this: „Viktor Kislyi was a disgrace at last Tankfest, so coked up that he could barely stand”

46 thoughts on “WoT 2.0 Leaked Footage (TAP Exclusive)

    1. Was it 2 years ago now? There was a leak about modern tanks in a seperate game iirc that they did pull the plug on. That video looks close to it with a different UI. So maybe they picked it up again?

  1. wow, really interesting, looks like a completely different game! though the password didn’t work for me for the first and the fourth video

    1. Usually games work like that, when they are at an Alpha stage, they work towards developing a functional product, and then graphical elements come later.

  2. My understanding is that this was video of closed “alpha” for “Excalibur;” take with a grain of salt.

    1. To be honest, this indeed feels like an alpha footage of a now possibly abandoned project from some 6 years ago. Sad to say this, but I don’t feel much value in this “leak”, especially considering the hype.

  3. looks like more pre alpha stuff from Excaliber. You also did a piece on it almost 3 years ago with better rendered footage.

  4. If you really think that this will be WoT 2.0 then you are delusional.
    Sorry but wtf? Please stick to what you do best: copy pasting from vk and other news sites.

    1. It’s early footage, better than nothing. With ready rack explanations. Posts like these are the reason I’ll never become a CC

      1. That’s like saying you’re not winning over 50% of your battles because of your teams.

  5. This post got linked to me via a friend and genuinely got me laughing. This ancient footage, from 2015 or so. An early Excalibur build. Can’t believe this passes as a leak, tons of people have seen it.

      1. So just because you hadn’t seen it before, that has to mean it’s a new leak?

        I really REALLY hope your uni programme doesn’t involve any science, mate. ‘Cause if it does, and you graduate…yeah, your science won’t be good as long as you keep the current outlook 😐 Yeesh

        1. It’s a new leak, as long as it wasn’t on the internet before I posted it. Simple as that. And I’d rather be a plumber than use my degree, every peasant has it, but few have the guts to be a plumber and earn western wages right here.

          1. Mate, everyone’s confirming that it’s a leak on an old project that got scrapped. I can understand the publicity stunt, but at least have the guts, or spine, or whatever, to admit that this article is basically clickbait
            …and you then have the shamelessness to also brag about it within the article itself

            Why tf are you getting it? That’s funding spent by the state on your place at uni, and by your uni on you, when they could’ve, y’know, not essentially threw it to the bin
            Attending a higher study programme and then saying “I’d rather do something completely unrelated” is of course not wrong by default, lots of people change their career path later on. But stating you don’t give a shit about it WHILE YOU’RE STILL STUDYING just goes to show how much of a moron you are…in the same league as the peasants you’re dismissing in such a carefree manner 😐

              1. Of course you are. But just to not appear like a completely greedy bastard (WG-tier level), you cpuld at least not market it as a leak for future WoT development…
                The hypocrisy in here has been taken to new heights by this post, and that’s what bugs me, that you’re admitting it while still stating you’ve not done anything wrong. Almost seems like an article you’d expect to see on the WoT webpage, come on. And to top it all off, you’re also letting all those TAP fanboys who defend you by default instead of considering both options just comment freely. At least be a proper human and encourage them to use their brains and think about both sides rather than jumping on anyone qho dares speak anything against the status quo…

                And no, I don’t want TAP dead at all. Honestly. I just want it better…because it seems to me that it’s fallen really badly in the last couple of years, and that’s sad :/
                Not saying it’s completely bad ofc, just becomes worse and worse with each passing month.

    1. Imagine crawling out from your cave to bash someone for posting the same videos you were apparently too afraid to post publicly years ago.

      Such integrity, much community contribution. Wow spine.

  6. Doubt this is real. WoT would never have a night mode because it will give too much advantage to the modders, which WG has no plan on controlling.

  7. I’d rather put my hope in GHPC instead of yet another predatory ruski trash project.
    Don’t mind waiting for that one for a decade until it’s done, rather than falling for yet another WG scam.

    I also do not believe in a WoT 2.0, because WG cannot handle two games at once and will not be able to repeat or build on WoT’s fame (after the series of turds they’ve shat on that project).

    1. My exact feelings.

      I have quit WoT (sadly, because I really used to enjoy and like the game) but it has become a blatant way for them to cash in money selling premium tanks and all the unadressed core issues just made lose interest.
      I wouldn’t play it purely because I wouldn’t trust them.

  8. I do not believe for a second that this video shows World of tanks. And it is probably not a leak either. Perhaps an intentional “leak” to get free publicity. And it did.

  9. All the “real”, “not real” stuff aside…i didn’t think i’d ever have to imagine Kysly doing coke lmao

  10. I started playing Gaijins Enlisted today, and I can see why they gave up on Calibre….

    WG doesn’t want to waste money and time repeating the WoWP vs War Thunder incident.

    If these videos were to be believed, it’s not exactly WoT anymore is it?. It would be more War Thunder, ships and fighter jets coming *soon-TM.

  11. Enlisted looks like a bad version of Battlefield 1 (gameplay & video graphics)

    1. There are only 3 beta servers atm, north americuh fuck yeah, rasha and europe, so i’m playing with a disadvantage of linking from half the world away (southern hemisphere doesn’t exist!!).

      But my laggy response times still get 5-12 kills per battle round, the game play is exactly how someone described on youtube: you don’t need to be on meth and have teenager nerve like reactions at lightning speeds, but you can’t be a s slow as world of warships.

      It’s currently playing like Battlefield 1944, soldier wise. Vehicles (tanks and planes so far) can only be played in first person view, quite hard but fairer for the soldier players.

      Fingers crossed gaijin open a server for asia. Though I get less lag to north americuh right now with gaijin than I do playing WoT asia with WG….and the WoT server is far over 10x closer….

  12. This is a video of a game codenamed Excalibur that was shut down in 2018.

  13. Hi Sebastianul, thanks for sharing this with us, I like the features of armor penetration in the videos. If armor is too strong for your gun you have to hit the same place several times according to the thickness of the armor plate.Helicopters are great and night vision as well. I hope that it will come out one day but with better graphics and everything polished ofc. Thanks again !

  14. Its stuff from excalibur but its slightly different – I checked old Excalibur videos and models fit there but the garage interface is new and more similiar to World of tanks. This garage was not shown on any of the trailers or other videos which I was able to find on the internet.

    I believe that WG will really try to implement modern tanks and other stuff to the game. I am fan of modern armor and last few years I am paying attention to all possible clues and leaks that modern armor is coming.

    Proof :

    We already have proof that they are testing modern vehicles in wot for a very long time – just check the video from wg bellow. There is visible that they tested t62M which has metal polymer blocks added to its front armor and also turret which is known as Stalins eyebrows .

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rIonytIKjuQ – Exact time 6:47 pay attention the the vehicle roster and you will see it.

    At the time it looked like aprils fools gamemode but now… lets be honest. Modern armor is cooming as regular content. Why ? Because they spent tons of money on Excalibur and I doubt that anyone who is not insane would simply delete all the files.

    Do you want another proof ?

    Just check the videos with the rewards for loyalty each year. There is always a lot of hidden info like black market etc. You will find there modern tank covered with ERA in the small snow globe on the table.

    My own opinion :

    WG is having hard time to add new content because there is already the most of the vehicles and prototypes in game. Yes sure you can say there is dozens of prototypes locked in the archives but not all fit the current tanks ingame. Most of the prototypes are too advanced.

    I believe that the main reason why they are messing with the crew 2.0 to have only commander instead of regular members is that these changes are preparing wot for modern warfare.

    Wot console might serve as their ´´test´´ what does people think about modern tanks. Yeah the quality is definetly much worse that will be delivered to PC version but I consider that as on open beta test of public opinion of modern armor

    Please let me know what you think guys.

    Wot Betatester

    1. Thanks for finding this useful! So it is different after all, to the previous Excalibur leak. I would post if I had more.

      1. Yes it is indeed different. The source is most likely correct about the WOT 2.0

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