Excalibur Pre-Alpha Footage (TAP Exclusive)

UPDATE: Videos got taken down by Wargaming. Linked reuploads instead.

You might remember Excalibur, we had a post with its logo 2 years ago. WG Seattle was making this until it was shut down and the project was transferred to Minsk for finishing. Looks like AW with Heliborne to me. However, it might kill Armored Warfare.

Excalibur   WORLD OF TANKS 2.0Excalibur WORLD OF TANKS 2.0

Unfortunately, the original videos were removed from YouTube by WG.

45 thoughts on “Excalibur Pre-Alpha Footage (TAP Exclusive)

  1. It is looking good being early development.

    Though, in my opinion on the why did AW not become a success, besides the internal decisions debacles, was because it focused on modern tank warfare.
    I do not know a lot of my former clan mates in WoT who are interested in the modern combat era and it’s vehicles.
    Most of them, and other I know who have played/play WoT, do so because of the setting in history spanning from early WW2 to early/mid Cold-war machines.

    This I do think Excalibur is threading on thin ice, whereby focusing on developing a modern tank could result in less appeal to potential new customers.

    Personally taste, I would be far more interested if it was’n’t focused on modern tank warfare.

    I wish the development team all the best and may they learn from the pitfall their former competition fell into.

    1. armored warfare died because they added pve and because they fired obsidian and now russians are making the game. And if there is one thing russians cant do its making games.

      1. No, it’s just my.com doings, they turn everything they touch into shit. WG on the other hand has a pretty good track record.

      2. lol no PvE was the greatest thing AW could add cause not everyone enjoys PVP, AW allowed thos like me that love tanks to actually play without the mess of insults i got on WoT for being a 1100 WN8 average player

        1. PvE did in fact kill AW because the lower XP and credit rewards increased the grind. The AI in the PvE mode was horrendously bad and extremely predictable making for a boring experience. The PvE mode als drained most of the playerbase out of the PvP que causing que times for that to increase and slowly running off the PvP players.

          End result is PvP died and all the casual players eventually got bored of playing PvE so they stopped playing altogether. So yes the PvE mode did indeed kill AW.

      3. Yeah that’s part of the “internal decisions debacles” I mentioned. My.com f-ed up, if they let the Obsidian do ther thing: developing games, things could have turned out better IMO.

        Still think a modern tank game won’t attract as much potential customers.

        Saw WG having taken over development…which made me shrug a little tbh.

    2. it shows that it is made by an american company, there’s just too many things flashing on the screen, otherwise it seems to share one failure with AW, eveything seems too “arcady”, like in AW the models do not seem made of metal and there’s obviously a need to improve textures, for both vehicles and map objects, and while those special habilities may seem a bit too much for PvP, they surely would work wonderfully in a PvE mode

  2. I’m very sorry but the last thing we want is Wargaming in charge of another game. Their recent (last 2 years) of balancing in World of Tanks is making clear they are caring less and less about enjoyable gameplay and more and more about milking the game for what it’s worth before the majority of players give up on it.

    Ironically speeding up said process by terrible balancing.

    1. WG is a big developer, different games are made and managed by separate teams.

      1. Doesn’t matter if the top brass insists on forcing out the milk at every possible turn. Just because a different team develops a game doesn’t mean the end goal of the publisher is not the same.

  3. It looks pretty fun all considering. The same base WoT gameplay with a ton of new additions to make it different. I hope we can play it soon.

  4. So is this game released anywhere already?

    I’m asking because the second trailer looks like it was made for the playerbase/bigger audience not for internal development.

      1. hey should i post these video on forum ? i mean… will wg take it down too ?

  5. That actually looks great.
    Looking intrigued.

    Not a big fan of adding helos, but their movement looks very interesting, dare I say from the trailer, well implemented.

  6. AW failed because gameplay sucked and PvE split the already small population.

    1. And because the devs were constantly revising core gameplay mechanics.

      Spamming the shop with premiums with reskins pretty much told everyone :” we’re fucked, let us milk you for a year or two before you realize it”

      Funny thing is that the fanboys on the AW forums will blame everything but the fact that the game was just poorly thought out shit.

    2. AW didn’t fail, it is still alive and going strong, just had a new update with he release of the Israeli tech tree.

  7. Its not that any of AW’s modes were actually bad, it just never got off the ground because the population was small to begin with and split between the PVE and PVP queues. If they had only ran one mode, even if it was just the PVE, they would have been much more successful.

    As of Excalibur, the one and only question worth asking is whether or not its dev team learned anything from all the bad decisions made during the development of games like WoT (especially WoT), WT, AW, et cetera. If it looks like they’re even considering repeating any of the same mistakes, then I’m out.

      1. As I commented below, WG Seattle studio was in charge of development but they were closed. 99% chance that Excalibur won’t be in development anymore.

  8. I don’t want to be a sourpuss or anything, but don’t think I will ever play a game made by Wargaming again. From what I hear EA is even worse, but still, WG has managed to thoroughly put me off over the last two years or so.

    1. Well, the videos got taken down. Seattle studio is closed so the fate of the project is pretty much sealed. It’s probably the last thing we’ll ever see about Excalibur.

  9. Vypadá to zajímavě určitě bych si to zahrál.
    možná by to přilákalo lidi z 9TD co hráli AW když hru dělal Obsidian

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