Ranked Battles 2020-2021: Season 3 Is Over!

Sadly the latest Ranked Battles Season has come to an end. The battles were glorious and the best among you have left their mark in the Hall of Fame.

You fought with intense skill and bravery to make it through this challenge and earn the IX Concept 1B . For now, it’s time to rest and enjoy your well-earned rewards which will be distributed in the next 14 days! Take a look at the leaderboard below to see how well you performed.


Ranked Battles 2020-2021 – Statistics

Fun Facts

Total number of shots fired / hit

288,247,324 / 185,464,468
Total number of tanks destroyed

Highest damage score in a single battle by one player

11,279 (Season 1)
10,468 (Season 2)
11,912 (Season 3)
Total distance travelled

52,072,796,669 m
Number of people that “sprinted” all 3 seasons


Most times hit by an arty in a game


Player Favorites

Most played class

Medium tank 

Most played tank

EBR 105 
Progetto 65 
Object 277 
Grille 15 
Object 261 

Most used bonus battles

STB-1 (+450k)

NOTE: Tickets regarding the positions in the leaderboard and rewards will be accepted only within 30 days of the Season closing.

Unfortunately, some players were not able to follow our Fair Play Policy, so 361 accounts have been blocked for a week, while 129 accounts have been permanently banned.

Source: EU Portal

13 thoughts on “Ranked Battles 2020-2021: Season 3 Is Over!

  1. I know many on the EU and NA servers complained about the Italian med nerf but this is a good example of why they were nerfed, it was just too popular and too good in capable hands. Same people complain about the 430U, and while it is probably too good, you just don’t see too many of them in MM. So unless it breaks the game, it is not an issue for WG (and 430U is nowhere near game breaking OP). Interesting that nobody on EU/NA complains about the STB1 which is even more meta than the 430U according to the data above.

    1. Honestly the STB-1 isn’t that much better than the M48A5 Patton. They’re both good but not OP.

    2. Dude you sound like wargaming . Funny enough wargaming first said that it was doing to well in randoms then when people produced the facts and it was in the middle near the bottom of the pack of tier ten mediums then they turned around and so well then its doing doing to well ranked witch we cant find stats on of how it was doing of course . Wargaming will do anything lie to make it happen as they want. And then wow they released a clan wars reward tank that is better . Yea they dont care how it was doing it they nerfed it to make the carro more worth it and it is of course . Dude the 430u has been on top of tech tree mediums and is by far the most powerful tech tree medium that isnt even a question .

      1. 430U is a bit too good I agree but so is STB1 while Prog has the flexibility. However, on EU/NA nobody is complaining about the STB1. Why? Because it is not Soviet. So there is obvious anti RU bias. And sure, prog65’s average stats weren’t amazing but the same could be said of the WTF100 before it was removed yet it was still an issue for the game.

        There were 2 problems with the Prog65 which I addressed and you ignored. 1) It is too flexible and was OP in capable hands (similar to how it is for EBRs) and 2) there were too many of them in the MM. At one point there were usually at least 2 and often more in every battle on each team. You can see it here, even in the nerfed form, it is still the most popular MT in ranked. For WG, its popularity was probably the bigger issue as they would like to keep the MM as diverse as possible in randoms. One of the reasons they didn’t nerf 430U for so long was because it wasn’t overly popular and wasn’t flooding the MM.

  2. Dude why does it take they 17 days after ranked ends to give out rewards . Geezus they are so annoying ffs took me most of year to get the tank ffs now you want 2 weeks MORE to release it what have they been doing all this time . Maybe with all the billions they need to hire more workers fs

          1. I love how misinformed everyone here on the comments.
            WG only unbanned chatbanned players…

            1. Several comments here have been removed as being off topic and for discussing moderation.
              Any further abuse will result in players being banned from here and the forum.
              You have been warned!

  3. Just gimme the Concept1b already, let’s see if is even more fun than kpz50

    1. Yep, another Chieftard equivalent on Tier IX coming in. Wargaming are repeating the same mistake they made at Tier X. They think they have to, though, because hardly anybody would play Ranked Battles if the reward tank was balanced; they need something op to lure people into playing that shit.

      Honestly, this game is so fucked up, and Wargaming is just playing along.

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