13 thoughts on “WoWS – Dockyard. How to build ZF-6 in World of Warships Update 0.10.3

  1. So what’s everybody’s feeling on how achievable completing the dockyard is if you only buy the minimum 3 stages?

    1. Depends if you like being a slave to WG, and chained to your computer.

      I mean, how different is this tier 9 german DD to the other tier 9 german DD already in premium shop?.

      Pokeman, gotta catch ’em all!.

      1. Until the covidiocy ends I’ve got all the time in the world so I figured I’d give it a try this time and see how it is. I’ve done marathons in WOT and it was a lot but doable.

        1. It’s much easier than WoT marathons. In last Dockyard I have hesitated and only started it when half the time late and managed to finish. WoT marathons are much shorter but requires a lot more grinding during that short period

          1. Cool. With the Pommern available for coal and the Agir available for free xp you could put together a pretty cheap tier 9 German fleet with the ZF 6.

    1. I was thinking the same last year, but completely changed my opinion in January. It’s in so much better than current WoT. No premium pay to win consumables, gold ammo or any similar nonsense. Gameplay is also more tactical.

      1. I don’t mind premium consumables or ammo in WOT but I think there is a lot of advantages to playing WOWS and with some of the crazy changes WG is wanting to put into WOT I find myself playing ships more than tanks.

        1. Last year WoT was really good even despite game breaking gold ammo. Lots of events, free tanks every month from tank rewards, generous battle pass…. This year there is almost nothing and battle pass is worse too.

          In WoWs we get new lines every 2 months and we get economical permacamos for free with the ships of new lines, just playing a little. And thats on top of other events.

          WoT is dying and it’s more clear than ever before

          1. Tbh WOWS are also headed towards the direction of WOT, plenty of changes that the devs are introducing or have introduced are very questionable and unnecessary, the reducing quality in PR department doesn’t help as well. Of course, at the moment the game health is still better than WOT, but its nowhere near day and night level of differences and with the devs at WOWS mostly focused at milking dry the playerbase more than making an entertaining and enjoyable experience for its players, this game is merely half a decade or less behind WOT in terms of degradation as the game was WAYYYYY more enjoyable, in terms of gameplay and content.

            1. Well, WoWs did not made me interested before this year, so that says something.

              Changes when commanders can be used in any premiums of the same nations is the best decision WG have ever made. Very useful especially if you dont have many premium ships. Plus no premium consumables makes me believe they are in good direction with WoWs.

              1. Most of the paying playerbase have many premiums though, and the commander skill rework has limited even more, which ships each commander can be used in.

                If I have a graf zepplin and an erich lowenhardt for example, both are premium cv for germany, yet both require different commanders because the skills used for each premium cv from same nation are different.

                then if you also have the tier 10 tech tree cv for germany, you need a commander skill specced for that primarily, and then see if you can use HIM in any of ur premium ships also. Often that answer is no.

                I personally require about 3-4 different commanders to skill all of my german cvs. Then I have my BB, cruisers and DD….and these are all cross skilled all over the damned place.

                VERY MESSY WG. Wait a few months and paying players will spend more time shifting and returning commanders to ships, scratching their heads, now where is this ships commander again???, than actually playing.

                yes im aware there is a return last captain button.

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