9 thoughts on “🇨🇿 Škoda T 56 In-game Pictures

  1. it looks like they took a T-62M and lengthened the hull to fit a American or German made power pack in the back, additionally changed the suspension for a western style just because
    the turret rear was also extended to fit the autoloader

    conclusion: WG was not that creative for this Czech HT branch, this one is what we can see and the other on supertest is simply a Czech Tiger II (everyone noticed it), let’s wait and see what the future brings

    1. Talking about the T-62 – IIRC WG said 1-2 years back that they planned on making the T-62A and Obj.140 more “distinct”? Has there been any more news regarding this? Or was it scrapped? 🙁

      1. They achieved this by making the T-62A completely obsolete, forgotten and pointless, maybe apart from specific collecting purposes.

      2. for the Soviet TT we already have

        » Obj. 430U line = armour + high alpha (brawler branch)
        » K-91 line = sniper/DPM line

        the T-62A/Obj.140 line was the all-around type, to make them distinct I would think WG would rebalance one of those to be more mobile and leave the other as is, then again the Soviet TT already has 1 mobile MT branch in the form of the LT line

    1. just another iteration of WG’s Progetto phantasy project, because their lack of ideas/creativity/skill forces them to reuse variations of their homemade fakes for all kinds of nations.

  2. So those extra plates on both sides of the mantlet might be spaced armor.

    Good looking tank by the way, I’m willing to put up with their marathon bullshit if it means getting it at a reasonable price.

  3. WG will nerf this tank if it holds it own against the Russian tech tree, WG morons are famous for doing that. Look how the bias game has the Russian tech tree as the only Twin barreled tanks in the game, tanks that were never made, and yet WG will not put a tank that was actually built and field tested with twin barrel 20pounders being a variant of the Australian Sentinel tank of the AC-4 in the game.

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