Update 1.12.1: “Asian Delights” Camouflage Pictures

This is what the new “Asian Delights” camouflage patterns added to the 1.12.1 patch files look like. Camo treated as non-historical, valued at 50 gold. Available for vehicles of all nationalities and tiers.

  • Contains images of traditional oriental dishes that deform the silhouette of the vehicle and remind you that war can be put off until later, but never dinner.

Summer map “Asian Delights, summer”

Winter map “Asian Delights, winter”

Desert map “Asian Delights, desert”

4 thoughts on “Update 1.12.1: “Asian Delights” Camouflage Pictures

  1. whenever you’re feeling tempted to give WG money for anything, never forget that THIS is what they see as valuable “content”. strongest deterrent ever.

  2. I don’t mind non-historical styles, they can be a fun change of pace, all this food camo is getting a bit weird though. I would like to see some more real world plausible camos like Good Morning Vietnam and the recently announced Mangut. A completely transparent camo that could be applied to unadorned or custom painted tanks so they still can have the camo rating boost would be nice, too. Other than that I don’t really mind them trying to make money off cosmetics at all, that’s exactly what a non-P2W game should be doing.

  3. How hard is it to make something that looks like actual cammo?
    At this point they might as well use dicks and turds.. lame!

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