The 60th Anniversary of Yuri Gagarin’s Legendary Flight: Let’s Celebrate Together!

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A significant date is coming. On April 12, the world will celebrate the 60th anniversary of the first-ever manned spaceflight.

This event paved the way for humans to explore space. Yuri Gagarin became famous the world over and visited more than 20 countries. Several towns and streets have been named in his honor.

We will get into the details of Yuri Gagarin’s spaceflight preparation in our historical material, but for now let’s celebrate together!

To the Stars!

April 7 at 08:00 CEST through April 21 at 08:00 CEST (UTC+2)

Key to Ignition

To celebrate this remarkable date, we have prepared a special game event for you called “To the Stars!”. The missions you will find will not be difficult, but we ask for your full attention to get immersed into the atmosphere of the event. Make sure to claim your rewards on the dedicated website. You’ll find more info below.

The event will start on April 7 and will consist of two simultaneous activities.

Personal Progress

The first one is Personal Progress that will last from April 7 through April 19 and will consist of 5 Levels. During Personal Progress:

  1. You will earn Star Points, a special event currency, by completing special daily missions.
  2. Star Points will allow you to unlock Star Levels. These Levels will be unlocked sequentially from the first to the fifth and are not bound to any specific date. Completing daily missions on a regular basis directly affects their unlocking.

Unlocking each Level will bring you valuable in-game items: 1 day of WoT Premium Account, Crew Books, a new 2D style, and much more. The main reward for reaching the last Star Level of Personal Progress is Yuri Gagarin as a tank commander.

After completion of all daily missions, you will receive more than enough Star Points to unlock all Star Levels and get your hands on the main reward. Should the number of Star Points you have gathered not be enough to get the rewards you want, you will be able to purchase them in special bundles in the Premium Shop.

Battle Mission: To the Stars! Day 1

  • Once per account
  • Random Battles, Grand Battles, Ranked Battles
  • All vehicles Tier IV and higher

  • Play 2 battles
  • Be among the top 7 players on your team by base experience earned

Common Progress

The second one is Common Progress. It will last from April 7 through April 12 and consist of 5 Stages, the duration of each being 24 hours. Every player’s effort is important. During Common Progress:

  1. All Star Points you receive for completing missions are counted as your contribution to the “Star Point vault”. The progress of replenishing the “vault” is updated hourly.
  2. Every stage tells you about Yuri Gagarin’s life. The more stages you go through, the deeper you delve into the story.
  3. Each Stage requires a certain number of Star Points, which players should earn together within the allocated time. This will determine whether the story continues and if you receive your rewards.

Once you successfully complete five Stages of Common Progress, you’ll receive a x2 XP multiplier for each victory from April 12 to April 16 and a x5 XP multiplier for the first victory of the day in any vehicle from April 16 through April 19.

You will be able to follow your Common and Personal Progress, find out about the key moments in the life of Yuri Gagarin, view missions, and grab rewards on a special event website dedicated to the legendary spaceflight. The website will become active with the start of the first Stage of Personal and Common Progress.
You’ll need to spend earned Star Points to unlock Personal Progress Levels and redeem their rewards in the “Star Levels” section of this page. If you don’t claim them by the end of the event on April 21, any unused Star Points will expire and you will not be able to get your rewards. Common Progress rewards will automatically be credited upon login when the event is over.

Note that rewards for Common Progress will only be granted to those who have contributed to it by completing at least one mission (or purchasing a bundle with Star Points) during its active phase from April 7–12.


Unique decals, inscriptions, a commemorative medal, a new 2D style, and Yuri Gagarin with a custom voiceover as a commander of your vehicle—all these rewards can be earned during the game event on the special event website. The main condition is to complete as many missions as possible and earn the maximum number of Star Points for Personal and Common Progress.

Cosmic Commander

The commander’s skin is based on the famous photo of Yuri Gagarin in his orange spacesuit. He has the Brothers in Arms perk trained to 100% and enough experience to train one more perk or skill to 100%. This means that your vehicle will be led by a unique and battle-ready commander. His set of lines were reworked and recorded by a professional voice actor, mimicking the intonation and diction of the legendary cosmonaut.

The Soviet hero, Yuri Gagarin, will naturally be a commander for the U.S.S.R. He can be obtained only as a main reward for your Personal Progress.

Yuri Gagarin
“Orbiting Earth in the spaceship, I saw how beautiful our planet is. People, let us preserve and increase this beauty, not destroy it!”

Stellar Style

The new First Spaceflight 2D style is based on the Vostok 1 spacecraft that carried Yuri Gagarin into Earth’s orbit.

Customization Elements

During the game event, you can get four retro-futuristic decals, the To the Stars! inscription, and a medal with the image of Yuri Gagarin.

Yuri Gagarin decal Vostok 1 (Mosaic) decal In Orbit decal Space Conquerors decal
To the Stars! medal To the Stars inscription (EN) To the Stars inscription (RU)

In addition, from April 7 through April 21, the Premium Shop will offer a special series of bundles at great discounts. They will differ in contents and cost, but one of their main components are Star Points. They can be spent to purchase customization elements on the special event website, or to unlock Personal Progress Levels to receive commander Yuri Gagarin.

How to Use Star Points

During the entire game event, a special “Star Levels” shop will be available on the website where Star Points can be exchanged for unlocking Levels of Personal Progress with the Yuri Gagarin commander as the main reward, as well as getting additional rewards such as days of WoT Premium Account, decals, cosmic 2D styles, and much more.

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  1. Haha, celebrating the era when the soviet cancer was so strong during the Cold War??? Sure the WHOLE world will celebrete with the soviets…




    These kind of political propaganda event was, is and will still be illegal!!!

    If you think this is not a political propaganda for the soviet ‘glorious’ good old time, why the hell WG is so scared and there is no forum on this then??? (Because WG also knows what will the major western reaction be for this kind of event with such a soviet theme)

      1. Romanian anti-Russian sentiment remains strong I see here and every day in western media. Maybe we should implement another Sov-Rom agreement and take the few valuable resources Romania has to offer other than garbage….

        And for the rest of the anti-Russian losers here feeded by American propaganda of lies and poor facts about World War II….respect my f— you.

        1. I’d rather be under Ottomans again, they didn’t force on us their language. Give Moldova and Transnistria back.

    1. Whole world? No. But you don’t need to be a history professor to know that many nations did cheer for the common milestone of humanity indeed. As if they could go, anyone could reach up that far. Even NASA gives him the same respect for it each year.

    2. And it is legal for every other game in the universe to make me play as an American hero, and fight Russian terrorists or some other western propaganda bullshit? Who cares man, they are just games, but there are so much more western political games. This is not shown as political event at all, YOU are making it political, as western people tend to do and always make it against Russians. So fuck off, nobody is making you play it if you don’t want, it’s a free world 😉

  2. Too much paid idiotic trolls dishonouring this whole human milestone, rewritin history and facts, defaming and just mentioning BAD communism, forgettin west shitfests, as the west was equally responsible for many bad things… Kids, the propaganda is strong in you 😀 even NASA gives respect for him… Guys, he was only a human… as you and me…

    1. In the USSR you had to be a communist first,then human second.This event shouldn’t be in the EU server,because they don’t celebrate European persona’s of history nor ideologies,Communism brought nothing but misery to USSR occupied half of europe.

  3. I have no problem celebrating Yuri Gagarin’s achievement as an explorer. Living when and where he did Yuri had little choice other than to play along with the Soviet Union but all personal biographical information I’ve seen on him shows him to a pretty normal dude and not some kind of ideological extremist. People say “communism” and “socialism” but those are just economic systems. They’re bad economic systems because they inherently require significant restrictions on basic everyday freedoms for gains that could be reached better in a free society by other means but the real root problem is the Marxist ideology that nearly always accompanies them. Marxism is an evil ideology that has resulted in countless genocides, cultural destruction and ruined innumerable lives on every continent.

  4. Wow so many people here full of west propaganda who have no knowledge of the actual history, who have no idea what the word communism means or that USSR was an autocratic socialist state that like all the countries in world, including the US/Europe, brought good AND bad things. Let’s also not forget the fact that the West had a huge hand in formation of the USSR and so on and so forth.

    Of course, the most important thing is that the game is made in Belarus and if you don’t like these type of events then just go play another game.

    1. Or you can fuck off to your glorious now PutinLand and leave us Westerners be,and that is the complete opposite of what WG wants us to like and believe.Got that?

    2. Funny thing is op stirring up anti-Russian sentiments on this failed site…like everything else Romania has to offer!

      1. Of course I do, our gold is still not returned. Failed or not, we still got a higher minimal and average wage.

  5. But wargaming rules do not allow the celebration or discussion of politics, political figures or history.
    Belarus is the only Communist state left within Europe
    The only thing communism was successful in was keeping third world immigrants out of East Europe.

    1. If you think that Belarus is currently “communist” or ever was then you have no clue what “communism” actually is. Right now Belarus is just SLIGHTLY more socialist than the rest of western Europe and big capitalistic enterprises such as WG have no problems existing there. Moreover, if you think that you have actual choice in elections anywhere in the world including Europe and US (and Belarus/Russia of course) then you have wool over your eyes. Elections are just a sham to make people “think” they are free and have a “choice.”

      1. Exact, agree with you Svyatoslav. Its also funny how are these kids interchanging the words socialism and communism… both of it meanin somethin different. Aaah, nevermind, its a topic and discussion for longer, why even bother. Have a nice day all of you:)

        1. You dick. You can it whatever you want to make you feel more comfortable with your political choice. But it is still the same – communism.
          Yes carry on in ignorance with your deluded ideals that died 40 years ago.

        2. socialism and communism are not the same, they are just siblings is all or you could look at them like a podium at the Olympics. Socialism is 2nd place and desperately wants to be 1st place (which is communism).

      2. Belarus was NEVER communist? Really? So it (or via membership of Soviet Union):
        -was never an authoritarian state ignoring liberty?
        -never had state control of all industry?
        -never had prices set by government?
        -never had wages set by government and all the same?
        -never had government control of economy (decisions made at the top)?
        -had no trade unions (since state said they were not needed)?
        -never claimed there was no unemployment due to direct intervention (making jobs)?
        -had no progressive taxes since all wages the same?
        -never had mostly public housing?
        -never had state control of banks and finance?

  6. Everyone talking politics here and here I am wondering how long before WG starts giving commanders like this a boost when they are commanding their country’s tanks. Yuri in Soviet tank gives you something like a 10% boost in stats on the tank would be what I see.

  7. How many gulag prisoners died mining materials needed for the Soviet space program? Russia today is just Soviet Union in in disguise, same mentality, same thirst for conquest, same disregard for freedom and human life. I didn’t expect their puppet not follow the glorious traditions of the USSR….

    I quit playing this game because for me it’s poor taste supporting a company based in a country who suppress freedom of speech so gallantry as good ‘ol comrade dictator Lukashenko.

    F*** Russia, f*** Putin and most of all, f*** Lukashenko.

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