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For a game of its size and age, World of Tanks has pretty mediocre third-party statistics sites. With the shutdown of sites like Wotzilla, Vbaddict, and DPGwhores, the game now has a huge lack of sites that track truly detailed statistics. all but fills this void as it combines all the best features of existing stats sites along with tons of never-before seen features all in an intuitive modern UI.


On the landing page, you can find your account or clan using either the center search or the top search. The site currently has full support for the North American, European, and Asian servers. There’s a bunch of links on the sidebar leading to other pages, but today we will focus on player stats only.

If English isn’t your preferred language, chances are is already translated into your native language. If you would like to translate the site to another language, join their Discord server and ask for a translator role.

Player Stats

Unlike other stats sites where the battles you just played today won’t appear, always fetches real-time stats. Because of this, it may take a couple of seconds to pull up your stats for the first time, but future queries will be nearly instant as your stats will be cached.

The main player stats page looks very similar to Wotlabs or Wot-life at a glance, but has much more to offer.

On the tank stats table, there are filters for tier, class, nation, MoE, Mastery, battles, and prem/non-prem. There are also a ton of stats for each tank including battles, WN8, winrate, DPG, frags, damage ratio, K/D, survival rate, XP, hit rate, armor efficiency, spots, Marks of Excellence, and Mastery. Clicking on each row will reveal all your medals earned in that tank.

You can also filter by 1 day, 3 day, 7 day, 30 day, 60 day, past 100, and past 1000 battles. This is one of the most useful features on

This is already more than most stats sites offer, but we are just at the tip of the iceberg! There are four more tabs to check out for just player stats!

Hall of Fame

Moving onto the second tab, we can see has its own Hall of Fame. Unlike the Hall of Fame in the WoT client, the Hall of Fame tracks the last 60 days instead of the current month and uses WN8 instead of WTR.

If you’ve ever wanted to see the official Hall of Fame rankings of another player, you would quickly realize that it was only possible to see the Hall of Fame page of your own account! You can see anyone’s Hall of Fame rankings on so it’s very easy to compare yourself to clanmates and friends.

In addition to giving your rank in the server, also provides your percentile so you can more accurately assess your performance relative to the population.


Moving to the third tab, we find a session log – an extremely cool feature unique to This log tracks all of your daily sessions, and clicking on each row reveals your tank stats on that particular day.


Data-lovers will adore the infographics tab. It’s a page full of sleek data visualizations.

The WN8 and winrate heatmaps are a neat visualization that show your performance across different classes and tiers. They are also available for your recent stats. It’s an easy way to catch seal clubbers and stat padders.


Finally, the fifth tab contains a treemap – another feature only found on The treemap is essentially a visual representation for your overall, 30 day, and 60 day tank stats. The size of each cell is based on the number of battles played in that tank, and the color is simply your WN8 in that vehicle.

Hovering over a cell will give you a tooltip showing your statistics in that vehicle.

Final Thoughts

We have reviewed the extensive player stats page, but we haven’t even scratched the surface of what else this powerful tool offers. The other features found on include:

Player leaderboards
• Tank Leaderboards
Server tank stats
• Clan stats
Marks of Excellence requirements
Mastery requirements
• WN8 Expected Values

Like what you’ve seen? Visit the best World of Tanks stats site for yourself. You’re missing out if you don’t.

14 thoughts on “ – A Great WoT Stats Site

  1. It’s a very nice initiative but unless I read it wrong it seems like the MoE data is 1-2 weeks old. I hope they can fix that since the whole point with MoE data is to know what it’s today and not what it was 1-2 weeks ago. Otherwise it looks really nice.

  2. Its currently the best site for personal stats, I think its even better then Wotcharts or… GJ for the author of that site…

  3. One thing it doesn’t have is a list of all tanks destroyed by a player. There used to be a site that extracted that data and showed how many of each tank a player had killed. Very useful when tracking progresst toward Master tanker and also of interest to see what premiums had or hadn’t been killed.

    1. Yeah, I remember that. Sad that its no longer around. I stopped playing WOT regularly/competitively after 2015 and haven’t kept up with the stat sites, but I remember checking all manner of stats back then and managed to get my Master Tanks that way (French Tier 2 arty was my last tank I remember). This was before the game showed which tanks were needed for MT.

  4. The stats for each tank like survival rate, XP, hit rate, armor efficiency do not appear on the site any more.

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