Supertest: 4 Premium Tanks Rebalanced

More news incoming from the supertest!

In Update 1.12, in addition to other changes, the characteristics of several familiar Premium vehicles were improved. We’ll continue to work in this direction, and changes to the next batch of vehicles will be sent to closed testing soon. All listed vehicles will receive improvements to characteristics that should emphasize their main role on the battlefield.

You can see the full list of planned changes below:

Changes to M41D
  • View Range from 390 to 410 m
  • Reverse speed from 22 to 24 km/h
  • Top speed from 65 to 68 km/h
Changes to FV1066 Senlac
  • Accuracy from 0.38 to 0.35
  • View Range from 400 to 410 m
Changes to T92
  • Standard shell penetration from 175 to 189 mm
  • Special shell penetration from 210 to 230 mm
Changes To ISU-130
  • Standard shell penetration from 215 to 238 mm
  • Special shell penetration from 187 to 212 mm
  • *there is a difference in damage between the standard shell (490) and the special shell (570)
  • Standard shell velocity from 898 to 960 m/s
  • HE shell velocity from 702 to 850 m/s
  • Gun traverse angles (left/right) from –2/10 to –10/10
  • Engine power from 520 to 600 h.p.
  • Specific power from 11.06 to 12.8 h.p./t
  • Ammo capacity from 25 to 35 shells

Please note that the specified changes are not final and some of these characteristics may change. Stay tuned for future updates!

42 thoughts on “Supertest: 4 Premium Tanks Rebalanced

  1. Arguably and logically the premium FV1066 Senlac needs the most buffs of all the Britisch light tanks…in WG’s alternate universe facepalm

    1. Actually british light tanks work well as passive scouts, the only one that cant do it well is the Senlac, in my opinion it need buffs more than the other ones.
      The other ones just need 200 more DPM only

    2. my LHMTV after 109 battles got 10 Aces, 3-marked with average combined damage of 3.5k.
      Meanwhile the Bourrasque, the most broken tank at tier 8 3-marked with 3.6k avg.
      I demand a big buff for the LHMTV, it SUCKS =)))))))

  2. whatta bullshit, they want to buff the new tanks, instead of the older tanks, like t34, cdc, etc etc…gg wg, you smart…

    1. yea Pilot (T25) need more buffs than this ones but on the other hand: Senlac is pretty bad as scout, and T92 need a little buff and its okey with more pen i think

      1. i don’t understand why don’t they buff 2 old premiums and 2 new, like they did with the previous set of tanks that got buffed.

      2. The T92 could also do with a drop in the cost of prem ammo. 5,600 coin for the pitiful alpha is an absolute rip-off

    2. Yo these things aren’t new. They aren’t ancient like the T34 or CDC, but all of these listed here have been kinda bad… basically since they were first introduced. The ISU-130 in particular is really miserable to play.

      1. ok, then how about : start with oldest tanks and continue to newest. happy now? 😐

        1. Honestly CDC needs it. The T34 also, with the current game with a lot of 360 or even 400 damage heavies with better gun dispersion (on the move and move on the turret) and aiming time than the T34…. The 400 damage of T34 does not look high anymore

          1. i don’t have a problem with t34 having 400 alpha . what it kills it for me is the fact that it has sinister gun dispersion during movement and turret rotation ( it is the worst gun dispersion of any heavy, at any tier ) , bad aiming time and bad dpm. and it wouldn’t hurt if they will fix the soft stats of ground resistance , because it makes t34 to move like a dying cow.

            1. It’s surprising how bad the dispersion when moving is, considering how slow it is

  3. dunno what your senlac does but mine owns the battlefield.
    on the other hand the updates to the isu130 are about 8 years overdue.

    better late than never huh wg.

    1. The ISU-130 was sold for the first time on the NA server in Jan 2019. The Asian server had it in Aug 2018. Only community contributors and wargaming employees had it prior to that and even they didn’t have it 8 years ago.
      There is plenty to bitch about without making shit up.

  4. The buff for the 130 looks substantial … still not exactly a powerhouse, but fine I guess. As to the light tanks, none of these are currently up to the meta Tier VIII lights – the LT and the EBR – and while the view range buffs are nice, at the end of the day nothing much will change about that, so why even bother.

    WG has promised more premium tank buffs these years, but I think there’s a pattern there – tanks will get better, but not enough to shake the current meta; the usual suspects such as the Progetto, the EBR, the LT and the Bourrasque will continue to totally dominate their Tier VIII (and Frontline). Perhaps that is even not such a bad idea, but the questions remains why anybody should play anything other than the dominating few tanks.

  5. Ok nice, but what about techtree tanks? Those don’t matter anymore? Sure the Senlac is the least competitive british light, right?

    1. Don’t be silly, WG don’t think we notice the M41 out spots a b-c12t and lttb by 30m, new meta…

      1. Tier VIII light tank meta is defined by the LT-432 and the EBR. The M41 and the other lights on this list may be better than their tech tree counterparts, but they still won’t be on that kind of level even if they receive those buffs.

        1. ELC at least has a specific role, its not meta in all the maps, but in really open maps work better than Lt and ebr, thinking of prokorovka and malinovka but yea then you have mines and you have only 2 or 3 bushes to use with the ELC

    1. silly boy as THEN it will lose its Preferential MM status of +1MM and instead then get full +2MM and Tier 10 battles, like duh?
      (( you did know the IS6 was a Preferential +1MM Tank right? its real only main selling feature in the game

      1. Silly boy thinking that having 212 pen on standard rounds would prevent a HT from having pref mm. The FCM 50t has 212 pen. Like duh.

        1. But silly boy .. FCM50t the sniper HT ~ its not a IS6 with heavy armor for brawling close in Heavy Tank is it? ………….. but your so the expert here right?

  6. when will they ever buff the terrible tier X lights? rhm is dangeling @ 46% win rate.. lol

  7. I would like to see tanks with pref mm buffed and be given normal mm, so everyone is on the same boat.

    1. Seriously? like lol followed quickly by ….. a FULL cash refund back of course to many 10x 1000,s of really pissed off players
      (anyone who bought a Preferential MM Vehicle bought them Mostly for that +1MM that’s it!

      1. Than enjoy these trash tier 8 prems with 0 penetrations againts Tier 8-9 tanks whose armor is +1 tier than their corresponding tier.
        I don’t get the fact why people cry about rebalancing the Pref MM tanks to be a normal competitive tank with higher pen.
        The Pref MM is nothing special after the MM changes went live as now you fight againts 90% of the time in Tier 9 and Tier 8 matches while in the older times you were always top tier againts Tier 6-7 tanks.
        I would gladly change all my shit Pref MM tanks to be normal MM tanks with higher pen so I can be competitive with them, Also I don’t care about being in Tier 10, as the Tier 8 MM nowadays is good and I have no problem with it.
        I don’t even touch my Pref MM tanks because they are that bad, it is more fun to play with the normal premiums than these shits tbh.

    2. WG wanted to do that like a year or 2 ago. It was met with overwhelming outrage by players who bought those premiums specifically BECAUSE they get pref MM.

      1. Of course they could do like they did with Kanjadgpanzer. They replaced it with a 105mm version and let current owners decide if they wanted to keep their original. They could just stop selling IS6, KV5 etc, and replace them with IS6bis, KV5bis in the shop

        1. There was a dpm trade-off for the extra pen/alpha on the 105, and there was no change in matchmaking (neither have pref mm), so your comment is a bit confusing.

  8. Its not the “other” lights that needs a buff, its the EBR that needs a nerf.

    -Get spotted in a EBR, Turn fast and nobody will hit you.
    -Get spotted in any other light, back to the garage.

  9. What the actual F!! half of these tanks are new! where tf are the old premiums like the CDC,t34!!!!

  10. Still not doing anything about the T34 and AMX CDC that were powercreeped into oblivion years ago? Or the Mauerbrecher that was trash from the day it was released?

    The T92 and ISU-130 absolutely needed buffs. The T92 probably needs more buffs than just this. But the 3 I listed all definitely need help more than the Senlac and M41D.

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