1.12.1: “Mangut” 3D Style for Object 274A – Pictures

Style treated as historical, valued at 2,500 gold.


— Okay, one more time… This wire goes from the generator to the rear lights, this one to… What does it go to? Heating, probably. And where is the ground lead? I swear I just held it in my hand. This is a live wire, but it’s not black for some reason… Dammit, Ivashchenko, you just had to break your arm and set me up like that. Now I have to dig through miles of wires and I’m not good at it at all. Which one of these is live? This one? Why isn’t it black then? Now, this has to be the ground—it’s connected to the armor. I’m telling you, Ivashchenko, if this tank starts and doesn’t electrocute anyone, you’ll owe me one.

Yeah, it’s nothing like painting a camo with a brush. Only three colors there, it’s hard to mess up…

7 thoughts on “1.12.1: “Mangut” 3D Style for Object 274A – Pictures

    1. I wondered that too. It has so much stuff stuck on it as stowage I wondered if it was a typo and should say magnet.

  1. Looks really good, WG focuses too much on other paid content but if they bothered to have a shop tab exclusively for 3D styles they’d make good money out of it.

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